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[WR2|TUT] Beginner Car Conversion using .OBJ format
Hello Everyone!
This tutorial will explain you how to convert a car for World Racing 2 in the quickest/easiest way using ".obj" format.

First of all, here you can get the WR2 related tools you need, they're made by Krom:
Then you'll need a program which can handle .obj format perfectly. I personally use Deep Exploration v6.3.3 and it works great. You may use other programs too like ZModeler, but I never used other programs so I can't help much about this.

So, the car model, only the main part, without wheels and brakes, must be in .obj format to be imported into the MTKit tool, which converts the model into WR2 .mox format. I personally use .obj format too and I suggest using it as it is the most loseless quality format, and the most compatible with other tools non-WR2 related.

Open your car in .obj format into Deep Exploration, make sure it has the right proportions. Remember that sometimes, when you convert an object in .obj format, you should resize it +10x to have more or less a WR2 correct size, as when a model gets converted in .obj format, it gets lowered 10x by its size. By the way you should check the proportions to be sure the car has the right ones. I personally resize my cars using real wheelbase values.

Here's how a car model should look in Deep Exploration before importing it into MTKit:


Yes, it is vertically placed (rear on ground, and front in air) and ingame it looks properly. That's regular when working with .obj format in Deep Exploration, don't worry.
Everything done, just import it in MTKit, then save a .mox and an .mtl file of your car.

After this, you need to write an file which contains all the specs and informations of the car.
Open Krom's EditCar tool, and then open an already existing Editcar file to make yours. You can't create an editcar from scratch, so you first need to import another EditCar file. There should be one already included with the Krom's EditCar Tool.

Open the file in the tool. In "Main Folder & File Name Mask" box you need to choose a name for your car's folder, example "altezza_gita", then save this file, create a folder in "World Racing 2/AddOns/Autos/" and call it "altezza_gita". After, place this file in this folder and the .mox & .mtl files of the car you saved before. You need to call the .mox and .mtl file "altezza_gita", same as your car's folder name.

You should have the car working ingame now, but only the body, no driver, no wheels, no cockpit and no collision yet.


Now it's time to make some wheels. Pick a 3D object of wheel (tire+rim) and import it in Deep Exploration. Make sure it is perfectly centered (x,y,z axis). Save one .obj file for the left side and rotate it in the opposite direction for the right side. Import them in MTKit and save the relative .mox and .mtl files. They must have the same name of the car itself (as the example "altezza_gita") plus the relative WR2 name extension for the wheels:
- _r_vr
- _r_vl
- _r_hr
- _r_hl

You will have something like this:

- altezza_gita_r_vr
- altezza_gita_r_vl
- altezza_gita_r_hr
- altezza_gita_r_hl

L/R = left/right
H/V = Hinten/Vorwärts (Rear/Front)

Same file name for both .mox and .mtl files of each wheel.
If you made everything correctly you should have something like this:


WR2 has a great function, you can resize wheel size via EditCar values, but you are not forced to implement such feature, it's ok even if you resize the wheels via 3D edit only.
In case you want to make resizeable wheels, you have to make sure the tire has an own material and doesn't use the same material of the rim. After this, you need to apply a texture called "profiel01" via MTKit on the tire.

Check this WR2 Car Structure article by Krom, it's very helpful:

For any doubts and questions, feel free to ask. Wink


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