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Cars seems to delete themselves
So... I've got a very weird problem...
For some reason, car mods seems to delete themselves when I load up the game. As crazy as it sounds, but I just booted the game up, and some car mods were just gone on the menu screen Shocked And yes, the cars appeared before I applied the "new" mods. I don't know what the problem is so any help is welcome.
Hard to understand your problem so not sure if can help but seems menu order use the 'score to open' value (car price in game) and sometimes you found some addon car somewhere between 2 original cars.
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I don't get what you mean adamraga. Please further explain. What
Verify in whole menu because not all the addons car are located just after the C291 sometimes it's somewhere else.

It's the only idea I have when read your problem so don't know if will help you.
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I already know that... But what about if I say an example in order to make you understand this problem better?
Yes but before need to know how many cars you have installed? because with maps if around over 100 installed the menu background, track maps and flags are gone for the latest (name folder) so maybe similar bug with disappearing car?
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Do the new added cars appear ingame? One option might be that one of the new cars are corrupted and stop the ingame loading process of addon cars, which are located after the corrupted.
Some kind of limit for addon cars doesn't seem to exist (or it's that high, that it's not yet reached) because, there were people with over 1000 addon cars installed without any problems.

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@Han Solo
Could be... But here's the thing - I only really downloaded Darek's Seat Ibiza Cupra and that deleted some cars after it What
Maybe stupid question but you launch the game in offline with WR2_PC.exe or online with MP_Lounge2.exe?
Just checked folder name is SEAT_Ibiza_Cupra'09 so maybe the ' is the problem.
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@adamraga I launch the game offline via WR2_PC.exe.

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