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Stolen cars on vk
Hi there!

My friend showed me today one site on vk with BMW cars pack because one russian "person" stole my E28 and police E39 (you need to scroll down).

But other cars are also stolen- E39 from HansLanda, and E38 750iL from Stalin.

Link to the group- - removed -

E39- [Bild: Nqrh8Jxt8zs.jpg]
E38- [Bild: -VifCVWNFZA.jpg]
E28-[Bild: sPsZzIoYKgc.jpg]
[Bild: Y4WXfN_zokY.jpg]
Police E39- [Bild: Egu7rscnKNI.jpg]
He/they, I dont know, edited our cars, leave some things the same as they were.

Im angry as hell but I cant do anything to them...
Im familiar with those groups, there are several on vk.

I lost pleanty of my ScratchMadeCars for DS to these groups, they even dont remove my German License Plate Facepalm

However, I havent found a way to remove those models. Most of them dont respond to my Mails and vk itself doesnt do anything.
I totally understand the frustration of modders. Unfortunately there isn't any way to stop such groups from stealing others work and publish them as their own stuff.
The only thing you can do is to start ignore such people and groups.

All I do is to remove or even not approve illegal mods (thecloser_ and others know well, what I do) and try to keep the addons as clean as possible. Often that ends in long discussions with the person who did not have permission to convert something but, sometimes it helps to increase the number of modders who respects others work.

Bis denne, Han Solo

PS: I removed the link in your post, Dareks.
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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I noticed they deleted my comment so I wrote new one and this one disappear in few minutes xD

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