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[WR2|MOD|REL/WIP] adamraga's project: Synetic cars - new textures/vinyls/sounds...
I do not like that paint in real life, but the execution is good!
[Bild: v3xesf8o.jpg]--[Bild: 3oniugzz.jpg]
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Denn da im Süden von der Elbe - da sind die Leute nicht das selbe...

Nice Vinyl,Adam.
The Porsche -Driver in the original car (Porsche) is a woman.
She made a new record on the Nordschleife with that car.
I can t remember in which magazine it was written,but i remember the FRIKADELLI,lol
[Bild: nrh8sujqyu.jpg]
Yeah, great work adam Smile
The woman in the Car was "Sabine Schmitz" and she drove while preparing for a race an 7:09 at "the ring" Wink
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[Bild: b9mx3dq3dehgl3a6g.jpg]
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Ok I dont knew for the record but I know she is a great driver and I like his performance in Top Gear around 10 minutes with a Ford Transit don't remember exctaly... And maybe the fastest Taxi Big Grin

And on his website the time is 7.07 during the RCN, it's the Tourist layout?

If I have understand...
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
For the moment I have not really idea about my news vinyls. Just a new project, work on the Synectic cars.

-Not for all cars just the most used (and the original ptx are more compressed)
-Several new textures (tires rims engine ...)
-New vinyls from NFSU2, the Art Factory (my favourite Wink)
-New sounds

The first car is the Alfa 156 Super 2000 W.I.P.

[Bild: ff56de25549285.gif] [Bild: 5b553325549292.gif] [Bild: a3622525549296.gif] [Bild: db322625549301.gif] [Bild: fb27f225549304.gif] [Bild: 9d9bd425549430.gif]

22 news vinyls here

Test of sound based on Race (WTCC Game) -> video


Cars which use the same exhaust sound: Irmscher Seven(cup), PGO Cévennes, Ringspeed Advantige 1, Skoda Fabia/Octovia VRS, Golf 1/5 GTI

Cars which use the same engine sound: MB CLK GTR

Cars which use the same sound: WV Golf R32 Biturbo

A little problem Big Grin

To be continued Wink
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Wow, that looks awesome!
Really cool Vinyls, looking much better then the original ones.

The sounds is one of the best Sounds I ever heard in WR2, however it is one of the best in Race07, too. Big Grin
Would be funny to hear Golfs and Skodas with that sound, wouldn't be real, but cool. Smile
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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For the sound you will not heard it for the other car because my exhaust sound is the engine sound... because +20 cars use the same exhaust sound and 12 sounds are not used.

The next : Golf IV R34 Bi-turbo
-Rims "DTM Competition"
-Caliper Blue
-New tires Michelin -> original picture
-New engine -> original picture
-And the news vinyls

[Bild: 74f9ed25895908.gif] [Bild: 1324bc25895914.gif] [Bild: 2622b825895920.gif] [Bild: 55a3f425895928.gif] [Bild: c0799425895945.gif]

And the new engine for the Alfa -> original picture
[Bild: 2c8ed525895953.gif]

The engine looks stange (hard to find good picture)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Looks Great. I like your mods. You'll be a great modder, I think. Test it out. (Look atPischti)
[Bild: vi2c6swq.jpg]
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[Bild: 571717_5.png]

Thanks Smile

The new "Sports_Xtra" for the Fabia Rally. Rally of Corsica 2003 -> pictures

I search better wheels on the pics it's the "beta" (name of the wheels) and impossible to have it in white it's grey in game

[Bild: a8b27426087027.gif] [Bild: 8db24b26087028.gif] [Bild: 60b34f26087031.gif] [Bild: 57b4ca26087032.gif] [Bild: cd3da226087035.gif]

And when the vinyl is compressed the quality is very bad (maybe because of 1024...)
[Bild: 91a33126087039.gif] [Bild: 0bb1ee26087043.gif] [Bild: 5ba69826087048.gif]

No idea for the sound. 147 cup, ML 7.3 and zonda use the same sound as the Fabia.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
No so new idea, but transcribed well, like all your works.
Fabia_cup addOn Car of jsp.
[Bild: fab1b6df.jpg][Bild: fab2qb5i.jpg][Bild: fab3c5u9.jpg]

[Bild: 400_6333663531313437.jpg]
[Bild: 35au4j6.jpg]
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