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[WR2|MOD|REL/WIP] adamraga's project: Synetic cars - new textures/vinyls/sounds...
Nice Vinyl's Smile

And it is possible to make it white Wink

[Bild: st43t84l.jpg]

Just choose "no texture" for part "0100" in the MtKit.


Edit: It looks better with "Transparency"

[Bild: mz29lmo9.jpg]
I tried "diffuse" in white but maybe too much

[Bild: 15b60426112690.gif] [Bild: c80a3f26112699.gif]

Oh JSP I have never tried your Fabia and I guess it's based on the same die cast model? Otherwise good job Wink

Another question: I would like make this "Le Mans" livery for the CLK-LM (link) but the wing is not paintable and i think its not possible without modify the 3D right?

Same problem for the CLK DTM 2001 for make that (link)

And for paint and add a banner on the windows a modification is needed?
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
The wings must be a part of the UV-Map and included in the vinyl map, to make it paintable.
The rims from the Fabia are a little too bright but they fit good. Decrease the brightness and they will look perfect, maybe add a little reflection.
Why the vinyl quality is so bad is strange because the compression normally doesn't change the quality in such a way you mention it that much ingame. How do you compress it? (ptx tool version)

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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Yes it's based on the die cast model.
Zitat:And for paint and add a banner on the windows a modification is needed?
You must change attitude in the MtKit material for windows, Texture - 03 Overlay -, Blending- 01 normally, Z-off -.

[Bild: 400_6333663531313437.jpg]
[Bild: 35au4j6.jpg]
Du kannst Veränderungen nicht aufhalten. Genau so wie du die Sonne nicht daran hindern kannst unterzugehen.
The rims are fixed
[Bild: 7c495426194585.gif]

I used pxtool v2 for these screens (compressed)
Zitat:[Bild: 91a33126087039.gif] [Bild: 0bb1ee26087043.gif] [Bild: 5ba69826087048.gif]

I tried the v1 with nvdxt (for compress) and the result is better (the export is faster too)

Thx JSP (but I have imported your fabia on MTkit2) and I added "accept vinyl" and it's works fine.
[Bild: f990df26194595.gif] [Bild: daa8e126194603.gif] [Bild: daf2ed26194611.gif] [Bild: b9897126194622.gif] [Bild: 2665f226194636.gif]

For the clk dtm the wing is not alone ->problem
[Bild: 499f5f26194643.gif] [Bild: aeb9c926194652.gif] [Bild: 97990626194657.gif] [Bild: edf32026194663.gif]

And the CLK-LM dont have this problem.
[Bild: ad28b726194670.gif] [Bild: a1b00326194680.gif]

And I tried the sound of the M3GTR from GTR2 -> video
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Sounds like real racing Big Grin
But it's not high enough for me Wink
[Bild: v3xesf8o.jpg]--[Bild: 3oniugzz.jpg]
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Denn da im Süden von der Elbe - da sind die Leute nicht das selbe...

The Alfa, Golf, Fabia are finished. The next is CLK DTM 2001 (finished too). Maybe a new engine if I found a better one.

[Bild: 18953026401546.gif] [Bild: ad9feb26401551.gif] [Bild: 9dcd8b26401556.gif] [Bild: efda5c26401561.gif] [Bild: 3fc92826401568.gif]

The sound is again from GTR2 (the Ferrari 360) -> video. Only this car has this sound.

My funny new driver. New texture of the body from MBWR and new head from MBWR too with a Hitman skin. The head looks weird because the original guy has hair.
[Bild: 9c758426401571.gif] [Bild: f7b1b426401575.gif]

New steering wheel of the Fabia
[Bild: 5abab126401577.gif]

New steering wheel of the Alfa
[Bild: 358c0e26401582.gif]

New steering wheel of the Golf (It's the original head of the driver)
[Bild: 5430ee26401586.gif]

New steering wheel of the CLK
[Bild: 05b89e26401590.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
The new Zonda Roadster:

-added carbon
-new texture of the rear (but it's the same for the front)
-added 3rd brake light -> real car
-Ceramic brake + tires Pirelli
-For the moment the wheels are temporary I wait an answer from TomWin.
-New steering wheel.
-And finally I found a 3D model of Hitman, made (or converted) by BASS for GTA:SA, after a translation by Krom (the readme is written in Russian), it's possible to use it.

The sound is the same as the Fabia WRC -> video

[Bild: 092e4026793513.gif] [Bild: 5aa12926793519.gif] [Bild: a0132f26793524.gif] [Bild: cb595926793529.gif] [Bild: 5b4c4226793533.gif] [Bild: 3d881b26793538.gif] [Bild: 83f2d826793541.gif] [Bild: 942b6626793546.gif] [Bild: ef696826793549.gif] [Bild: b8369726793553.gif] [Bild: d0027926793557.gif] [Bild: fa46e526793560.gif] [Bild: c09eb026793564.gif]

And I begin to work on the ML 7.3
-Chrome added
-Wheel from the CLS addon from Synetic (Chromed too)

[Bild: 1cfe4a26793570.gif] [Bild: b9f49b26793576.gif] [Bild: 4276c826793582.gif] [Bild: 9069a626793588.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
New Beetle Twin Turbo
[Bild: 137fd327226745.gif] [Bild: befb1827226746.gif] [Bild: 08f12827226752.gif] [Bild: 95081027226756.gif] [Bild: 9f0b2327226760.gif] [Bild: cb914327226763.gif] [Bild: 47f50a27226765.gif] [Bild: 3a728327226770.gif]

And Alfa Romeo 8C
[Bild: 5c483027226772.gif] [Bild: 9fc73827226775.gif] [Bild: ce854927226777.gif] [Bild: 103f6e27226784.gif] [Bild: c79b4327226790.gif] [Bild: 76ea0227226799.gif] [Bild: fea93227226804.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
New wheels from TDU. Zonda and 8C are modified. The result is bad I think the conversion with 3DS max is not so good.

[Bild: 94ab0e27414841.gif] [Bild: 1741cf27414844.gif] [Bild: 732ef227414845.gif] [Bild: 250b1627414847.gif] [Bild: 08e71627414848.gif]

[Bild: e179f027416042.gif] [Bild: 41785427416043.gif] [Bild: 46392927416044.gif] [Bild: 32866b27416045.gif] [Bild: 6937bd27416046.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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