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[WR2|MOD|REL/WIP] adamraga's project: Synetic cars - new textures/vinyls/sounds...
Really nice cars!

Cool CLK Textures, nice Steeringwheels.

All of your cars look much better then the original ones.

Rims don't look that bad, like the new 8C ones. Keep it up!
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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With a zoom it looks bad. Try the CLK GTR converted from TDU by TomWin and see the difference
[Bild: 4bbbeb27712205.gif]

Working on the Exige. I think it's the Exige Cup but the version 190hp (not sure)
-Picture of Exige and Exige Cup
From "" The Lotus Exige Cup uses a 192 PS (189hp / 141kW) and 181Nm four cylinder 1.8 litre 2ZZ VVTL-i engine [...] the Lotus Exige Cup reaching 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds and 160 km/h in 13.2 seconds, with a top speed of 237 km/h.

Some pic of the Lotus
[Bild: f51bca27712085.gif] [Bild: 08dab427712091.gif] [Bild: 2b56cf27712096.gif] [Bild: b7de9c27712099.gif] [Bild: f72a5127712103.gif] [Bild: 58299f27712105.gif] [Bild: e3e2e927712111.gif]

And the Golf V R32
[Bild: a6774327712116.gif] [Bild: 439ff227712121.gif] [Bild: 457ab927712126.gif] [Bild: 8a7dd927712129.gif] [Bild: bf252e27712132.gif] [Bild: e818de27712135.gif] [Bild: 10523427712138.gif]

Edit Forgot the new rear headlight:
[Bild: 89ec1627715011.gif]

And maybe new colors and interior painted for each cars (a little boring) but nice
[Bild: 5ced4627712141.gif] [Bild: be4acc27712145.gif] [Bild: 51205827712150.gif] [Bild: abe1d827712154.gif] [Bild: c724a727712159.gif] [Bild: bc3d6427712163.gif] [Bild: 8e86d327712168.gif] [Bild: 63a7e327712171.gif] [Bild: c507a827712176.gif] [Bild: 91bcbe27712179.gif] [Bild: a0d3e227712184.gif] [Bild: d3548427712189.gif] [Bild: 25a7c427712191.gif] [Bild: a9752f27712197.gif] [Bild: cdc74427712200.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Nice CLK dtm 2001 , but i didn´t find no link, i supose that exist one.

[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
Very nice what you present us here, adamraga.
Will you make more rims and maybe release them as a package or are they just shown how they can look like? Not everyone releases his conversions, which would be absolutely ok.

The optimisations on the standard cars also looking very nice! Keep on the good work.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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For the moment nothing is released but I will release all my work (included wheels) but I try to reconvert it for a better result. I think I will release it as pack, one for the sounds (coming soon) and maybe 2-3 packs for the cars.
Actually these cars are done: Alfa 156 S2000, Golf IV R32 (Turbo), CLK DTM 2001, Fabia WRC, Zonda; Beetle Turbo and the 8C

For each cars: new vinyls, new textures (256-512), new driver, new color + interior colored, headlights modified (sometimes added blinker/ reverse light missing) + glass on the headlight (not a texture like the original). But I found always something which need a little modification. Wink

I think the first pack coming soon (maybe the next weeks).

An update of the Golf IV (headlight and the same wheel as the Beetle)
[Bild: 0791b727921438.gif] [Bild: f4ec5627921447.gif] [Bild: 1755cc27921454.gif] [Bild: d3997c27921461.gif]

New textures and logo added of the Zonda's wheels
[Bild: 87c3bb27921470.gif] [Bild: 43fbf127921472.gif] [Bild: 14845f27921476.gif] [Bild: be7adc27921479.gif]

And a little update of the CLK (rear badge + headlight)
[Bild: a7961027923568.gif] [Bild: e56b4827923575.gif] [Bild: 27984827923579.gif] [Bild: 315e2b27923582.gif]

And the new SL55 Big Grin
[Bild: b4d0d627926370.gif] [Bild: 507ac727926373.gif] [Bild: d4706527926386.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Good work!
Damage looks nice^^

Best is R32, looks brilliant!
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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It was a nice surprise of MTkit after saved the mox the car has exploded (I thought it was a bug but no). Its not the damage only 1%. Wink

Big update of the SL55
-New headlights (+textures) added front blinker and reverse light
-Rims from TDU + new texture. I found 2 kind of wheels for this car: first and second (I think most beautiful)
-Disc AMG
-Several little things
-Don't know what is problem of the engine but in MTKit he looks better

[Bild: 69d6de28022080.gif] [Bild: 17989e28022088.gif] [Bild: 74476028022093.gif] [Bild: d37ad228022098.gif] [Bild: 92d4c328022103.gif] [Bild: ca526828022107.gif] [Bild: fe43b128022110.gif] [Bild: f97c8e28022115.gif] [Bild: 0eb22f28022118.gif] [Bild: 027b7028022123.gif] [Bild: 1abb3a28022128.gif] [Bild: a4a96528022991.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
You could try to set a nice grey as "Diffuse" color.
At the moment it's white, that causes the bright engine Wink
[Bild: v3xesf8o.jpg]--[Bild: 3oniugzz.jpg]
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Denn da im Süden von der Elbe - da sind die Leute nicht das selbe...

Exact for the other cars it's grey. Thx.

The Golf V R32 (engine, steering wheel, underbody, and modication of the front)
[Bild: f0be7128476074.gif] [Bild: 346ec128476077.gif] [Bild: 8b12b928476082.gif] [Bild: a4bb6628476087.gif] [Bild: c017a528476090.gif] [Bild: 7aa12628476095.gif]

I have not a found a good picture of the engine (more for the Golf IV).
The underbody is from a Lexus modified -> original image
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Great work!
It's nice that you've adapted the exhaust pipes to get to the middle in the underbody Wink
[Bild: v3xesf8o.jpg]--[Bild: 3oniugzz.jpg]
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Denn da im Süden von der Elbe - da sind die Leute nicht das selbe...


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