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[WR2|MOD|REL/WIP] adamraga's project: Synetic cars - new textures/vinyls/sounds...
lamborghini_driver to you like the new murcielago Sv ?

[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
Well, what does this have to do with adamraga's cars?
I don't really understand...
[Bild: v3xesf8o.jpg]--[Bild: 3oniugzz.jpg]
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Denn da im Süden von der Elbe - da sind die Leute nicht das selbe...

A little update of the CLK DTM
-Found nice ATS rims from GTR2
-Changed the steering wheel, modification of the original from mbwr (in the cockpit view)

[Bild: ab9a1228703426.gif] [Bild: 11c2a428703429.gif] [Bild: 1dc08228703431.gif] [Bild: f336e728703433.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Why not include a Cockpit? Settings are the same than in MBWR, i think there was a mod at borgs doing that once..
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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I have this mod, but for modify it I have converted it and tried to paint the interior but the result is bad. The cockpit is painted in MTkit2 but not ingame. And I need change textures of steering wheel.

Maybe just new steering wheel texture with a carbon interior.

[Bild: 1dd26828712954.gif] [Bild: 7f167928712972.gif] [Bild: 018f4928712980.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Interesting.. Seems like you will need to replace that one texture shown in mtkit with a red one, has to work on that..
Ah and don't forget to save ptx's, Mtkit always reads tga files if there are ones, WR2 doesn't..
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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For the SL55 cokpit from mbwr with new hud and new steering wheel (the speed is wrong)
[Bild: 29311829241974.gif]

The SLK with new rims from tdu but a little problem on the left side

[Bild: 82dffb29241976.gif]
[Bild: e0b84c29241978.gif] [Bild: fa22d929241980.gif] [Bild: 76f2e929241981.gif]

Alfa GT Tempesta with new rims from TDU
[Bild: 3aa48429241983.gif] [Bild: 63fb5e29241987.gif] [Bild: 9b6d6129241991.gif]

Alfa 146 ZyTec with style Audi-Subaru, rims again from TDU
[Bild: b42f0629241997.gif] [Bild: cdf2e929242005.gif] [Bild: 27d55f29242012.gif] [Bild: dcae3329242017.gif] [Bild: 75d44529242023.gif]

And the Zonda roadster, tried the cokpit view but bad view and wrong needle
[Bild: 3571ed29242027.gif] [Bild: 49757429242031.gif] [Bild: 663e8b29242035.gif] [Bild: d727ea29242042.gif]

And the pack sound is done. Thx to HanSolo for the readme Wink

[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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