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Mehr als 5 Gegner?
Yes, it's very crazy that both World Racing parts had only 5 CPUs. NICE 2 from 1998 had 7 CPUs I think.
@baartlomiej: is it really possible to change things, for example the stupid CPU's car selection (one CPU has always your car)?
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Thats true! I remember the demo of the NICE 2 (from PC-Action magazine) with licensed cars and there were 7 opponents. After that the Breack Neck show up with also 7 opponents. I wish I can play NICE 2 demo now, physics was better than in full version. Wink
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(27.04.2014, 18:33)Ruf98 schrieb: @baartlomiej: is it really possible to change things, for example the stupid CPU's car selection (one CPU has always your car)?
Probably yes, only I don't know where to change it. I edited a script that looked like AI car generator, but what I actually did was that I changed car selection for some missions ROFL

BTW, Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing have also had 7 opponents.
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All games before MBWR used an earlier engine. That means, the graphics-engine (called Landscape-Engine) used in MBWR and WR2 and of course all newer games, was different. A very first version was used in MBTR but still not that "open world" as we know it from MBWR and the next titles.
That of course ends up in completely different AI logic because of much bigger scenarios and more stuff to calculate for the CPU opponents.
Furthermore there are also some AI code fragments, which works only from time to time. Maybe many of you already noticed, the AI can use the horn and flashlight if you block them. This feature was never completely finished but works in a way. So, 8 opponents (7 CPU cars) might be part of a development step that wasn't reached.

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