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[WR2|WIP|CONV] Le Mans Track and NFSPU's Porsche GT1
I know, it´s a while ago since the last answer, but i wonder if there is someone that can run the beta 2.5 of Le Mans properly Very Sad

For me it´s the same problems that adamrage described further a both. I can´t run the V1 and V2 because the game crashes every time. So i deleted them.
The V3 crashed often when i passed the Dunlop Bow and as adamraga wrote it may be a problem with the two different circuits. So i deleted the tracks 2, 3 and 4, and that problem was gone. It crashed on other points, but no longer at the junction.
I also deleted the SNI-Objects, and after that there were less problems.

Now the game crashes "only" every second time while loading and i´m back in windows. Sometimes it crashes right at the beginning when the camera runs towards the starting point. If this happens i can do nothing and have to restart my computer.

Sometimes i can drive the track without a problem and that is great fun, especially with Adam´s cars. Applause

Because the track runs sometimes, i think it´s not a problem with graphics or so. It must be something that changes with every start of the scenario, maybe the Skys?
Also it´s possible that this large track needs a lot of Memory and runs near the limit. If I or an opponent uses a car with HighRes-Textures or many lights thats maybe one drop too much in the jar.

Ahh, yes, i write this now because i had similar problems with the Nürburgring from Adamraga, it often crashed after 3 Minutes of driving. After I used the new tracks that Pischti made, all problems were gone. I think it was the same problem like i had in Brands Hatch and Le Mans that there were several tracks that used same parts of the roads.

Edit: Hgmmpff, the Problems with the Nurburgring are back. Game ran very fine the whole week, today it crashed again after exact 3.47.00 Minutes
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I have a problem. I don't know where to put the following files:
I searched for similar files in the game, but no folder that is shown in the instructions/tutorials has any similar files in them.

Also, The "editscenery.sc2" worries me, since it's unavailable, again.
I've updated the archive. You can download the LeMans scenario with editscenerie and correct folder structure, now.
The *.lwo files are the raw 3D data from the scenario versions.

Download LeMans by Pedro Boticas v2.5

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