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[WR2|SCN] SCGT Chatham
Well, maybe "a few days" means for Krom 1 year? Who cares? It.s done, when it's done and the more reqests for a release date the longer a project might use. Wink

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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Basti93 schrieb:Wow, thats looking fantastic to be 9,5 Years old!
I really like those Racetracks. Smile (this one is fictional, isn't it?)
Will there be a chance that you give someone permission to create an Addon-Addon-Texturemod?

I've no idea if it's real-life track or not, it's just my favourite from SCGT, with all other tracks following up closely Smile
Yes, as soon as I release it anyone can make mods for it, I don't mind about that Smile

freddydaimler schrieb:Cool, SCGT Tracks in WR2 Big Grin Nice!
I just locked up what tracks were originally included in the game and I found some really interesting ones. There were already Sebring, Donington and, the best, Laguna Seca Raceway. Will you convert ´em too? Or are they already included in the package? That would be great Smile
Good luck with the project!

I guess I either make few more tracks or release STKit235 that will have SCGT track import Wink

Triumph-ator schrieb:
Han Solo schrieb:Did you read the text Krom wrote or only clicked the images?

I also read the text, but when my father says "A few days" he means a month Big Grin

Few days in this case means 2-5 days.
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
The track has been released and available at
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
THX Krom for the new nice track
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CT4 MP Nick: Mastercz75
Thank you Krom for this little nice Race Track.
Well done Smile
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Nice track but too short.

With new textures it's looks better (need rework some textures):
[Bild: 5c5f8934625166.gif] [Bild: 7643e934625176.gif] [Bild: 1a4c2134625186.gif] [Bild: 4480e634625192.gif] [Bild: 60816f34625199.gif] [Bild: 5e26b134625206.gif] [Bild: a46afa34625211.gif] [Bild: c6a36034625216.gif] [Bild: 0f776034625219.gif]
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