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Keep everything "as is", don't publish the tools
Publish the tools that have no password data in them (PTXTool, STKit)
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[I'm modder] Publish all tools
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WR tools to go open-source ?
Isnt better looks for a person who is really interested to continue your work than one who only want to crack password protection. Im still releasing cars and rebuilding my website. EditCar no need any updates, but MtKit yes, better obj import, better parts import (obj), add menu for change: XDiffuse, XSpecular, TexOffset, ,TexScale and TexAngle which now can be done only in texteditor. I wish there exist option to mirror all lights, so would be easier do only half and then mirror all. Option to import parts of car, instead of import whole model again. For example importing obj model and then import some additional parts in lwo.
The most important for me and i guess for many modders, remove polys limit, which is in these days very annoying.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Agree with Tomek, but I will add some things to Editcar program like Sterring lock to make better driftcars with 60 or more degrees of wheel turn, no more ideas for now. Mtkit: Corrected .obj import I mean scale and coordinates, car appear 10x smaller and its turned 90 degrees up. Yeah poly limit remove will be just the most wanted feature to make this game even better. Wink But it can be a problem with FPS and general game engine stability.
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it often says wrong OBJ format please contact Krom or some other random error, we have to be really careful from what software is obj exported. if I modify obj file, it never keep materials in the same order, so I have to redo materials over and over again. I dont care too much about model scale or rotation, it's easy to fix in other software. I doubt polys limit can affect FPS, we are in 2013 and post of people have much more powerful PCs than when WR2 was released. We already have some conversions which have more than 120k (car+driver+wheels) and all is ok.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Because the models are separated, so game still thinks is under 65k total remeber that fact Wink
But newest Cobra game are still based on WR2 engine which id very improved, just look how map is big and so detailed so maybe WR2 can handle more than 65k polys in one not separated model.
Also I forgot to notice that it will be nice to increase max material limit in Stkit2 from 256 to about 1024 like in Rfactor.
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Sorry guys, but this is no wish list for a future WR2, we are talking about Kroms tools.

You should clearly separate features of MTKit, like .obj import or mirroring lights,
things Krom can easily improve if he wants to and finds the time to make it
real restrictions/limitations by the game engine.

My scenery DPC I just released has flickering textures in the areas at the edge of the scenery, farthest away from the center. You can't do anything against it, it's the engine being unable to handle it.

I tried to position more objects like scenery cars, crates, trashbags whatever, WR2 just won't show them, around twenty/thirty objects in one Frame seems to be maximum, no matter if it's lowpoly or very very low poly objects.

Having a lot of high poly cars with damage model in my installation, some of them having 64k polys twice, car plus cpit, I realized that WR2 game engine quickly comes to it's limits. When five half-crashed cars drive on a track, with fenders flabbering and bumpers hanging, the graphic starts to stutter, traffic cars start jumping, even in small sceneries.

Its all the stuff from earlier days you usually had on a weak PC, but I have an Intel I7 with 16 GB RAM and 1024 GB VGA! And that's just because of let's say 100 MB 3d models and 300 textures, amounts that make modern game creators laugh.

One Forza 4 high lod car has got more 3d data than a complete WR2 racing sequence with scenery, 5 addoncars, objects and traffic alltogether.

Yes, Afc11 engine is based upon WR2 engine, but that's a revised version.
Don't forget that the WR2 engine is already a revised version of the even older MBWR engine, which was developed in 2002. At that time, PCs had 512 MB Ram, my 400 Deutsche Mark VGA had 64 MegaByte RAM.

So, sorry for that, keep dreaming of Forza quality in WR2, it just won't work.
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I can say more that the game engine reaches 1998-1999, gold times of N.I.C.E.2 or later Break Neck. Just look on the collisions between cars, some objects and traffic cars engine sounds, they are from those games.
As You said modall WR2 reached its own limits now and, its sad to say but probably some of us will move to newer games if we want better quality mods. Too bad there isn't any game now which is similar to WR2, traffic cars, free ride mode... I know that Cobra 11 offers some of this things but it's not the same, also the modding is harder than in WR2 and importing scenarios is not possible. Sad
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... even if someone would try to make a "fusion" of WR2 features and AfC11, he'd be putting his bet on a dead horse, I don't think there is a future in this game series.
Anyway, people never were too much interested in motorsports games, it remains a niche genre next to the big desire for new 1st person shooters.

Like you said, there is nothing similar to WR2, and also nothing in sight.
All promising open source projects I noticed the last few years (racer, torcs, Rigs of Rods, there's more) never really came out of the first stadium.

So, that's my point (at the moment), I'm just content with what we have,
I try to use it in the best way possible, and have fun.
Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: das All und die menschliche Dummheit.
Beim All bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein)
but i think that improving the tools and up the import limit to 100K is ok ,what i mean is upping the limits one level ,I played a lot of games but every time i come back again and lay wr2 ,and i didin`t face what modall said with jumping traffic cars but i have the flickering graphics ,and i still find the game graphics ok with nice setting enb and full anti aliasing
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Bfe: Your old account was banned or what??? There is a guy called "Black Ferrari Enzo".
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at txpro was blackferrarienzo and no i wasn`t banned
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