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Keep everything "as is", don't publish the tools
Publish the tools that have no password data in them (PTXTool, STKit)
[I'm player] Publish all tools
[I'm modder] Publish all tools
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WR tools to go open-source ?
To make it clear, I am not threatening Krom in anyway. I am grateful for his tools which allow me to mod WR2 cars. But my point is that if he release tools which will mean our conversions are not safe, we will have to stop. EA and Atari may or may not mind our conversions because we are not selling it so unprotected releases in GTA community and other it available. But some of my converts are from private modelers like Icekid, Tonis, AzRiM and more guys who dont want their models to be stolen. Before, our their models was safe but if Krom release the tools that can override password, the modelers will not be happy and will not let me convert. GT community and other it available, for example in TDU there exist protection of the mods, that’s why people like tool831 make mods. But in some website or game, theres no protection so the private modelers wont let them convert there.
So, if cars cannot be protected, I can be in trouble since people will steal models and even if I don’t want to. If this happens, no one will send me models and may get me in trouble so I will have to stop modding Sad. To repeat, I’m not threatening Krom but please do not release these tools or models will be unsafe. I will have to stop not because I want, but because I cant continue.
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i think tomek is almost right, just NFS cars and others like that could be converted. But people can change, and it will become a big chaos with all different shit, that nobody wants.

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I have to agree with Tom. As a modder, I respect and appreciate Krom. Without his tools, I would never have been able to join TXPro Team. What people don't seem to be understanding is that Tom never threatened Krom and is only saying that he MUST stop (due to original authors) if the password overriding tools come out. So Krom, I do not mind you releasing tools at all but if they affect password protection, I think WR2 will have less mods in the future and I fear for this community. If authors choose to/dont need to protect, they won't. But the conversions that DO require it should still have it. This is just my opinion.

With great respect,
I also agree with tom.

My view is that.

I have nothing against krom, but what he is doing by releasing the codes for password protect, is un-acceptable.

My view is that once the source codes are released there will be a crack created, and before you know there will be hundreds of "Nulled" addons arround, and this community will rapidly spiral out of controll and there will be hundreds of people passing theese addons off as their own asoon as the crack which I guarente will be made.

This would put tom also in alot of trouble with the Law, and will cause him to shut down, then there will be a lack of new mods released, and instead there will be insanely fast cars which bare no-realism, and cheating will take place regually.

If the source codes are released, the World Racing 2 community will loose all respect and NFS, and many other games will no-longer let us use there models.
Hmmm...I understand, if people protect their work. I also understand, that protected mods would be open for everyone if some programmer would go and remove password check in open source tools.
What I do not understand is, why other communities grow and working well, even without tools supporting password protection.

So don't get me wrong. I don't want to open the format I only want to understand, why other communities exist without that feature and why we need it here.
I don't see any tool for TDU that provides password protection, the rest I don't know.

Why does WR2 lose the modding community if other games like GTA and rFactor and many more have a huge modding community also without password protected mods?
And what does conversions from other games have to do with the password protection? If I protect my scratch made model, it makes much more sense. That does not mean conversion is a simple job, what people always understand when someone says it's not scratch made, but the model comes e.g. from NFS, so why protect it in WR2 but keep it unprotected in GTA?

For me it is just a question of real arguments. I would like both, open source and also keep as it is. My biggest respect goes to all modders and as well to Krom, who made it all possible.

Bis denne, Han Solo
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Han Solo schrieb:Why does WR2 lose the modding community if other games like GTA and rFactor and many more have a huge modding community also without password protected mods?

AFAIK most GTA mods are locked using Zmod 2.
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That means, GTA mods use a file format which is compatible with zMod and that is protected by zMod?
Is it zMod 1 or 2?

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You exporting models to dff files ( used by gta3/vc/sa) using Zmodeler2. On a screen You can see an option to locking files
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I understand, but zmod 2 is not for free, or does this function work with the not purchased version, too?
But ok, when this is and many use it, I see a real point to keep that hidden, how password protection works.
That is, what I want to know, how other games and tools handle modding. Smile

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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TDU also have password protect thing. U can ask Tool831 the one who make most of conversions, it's in Zmod2 code. Zmod1 also had this function. without that some modders wouldnt start publish their work. like me.
look beside all these models EA etc. people convert scratch made models, like me from IceKid, who would never let me release an addon if there wasnt this protection. And what about Victor Ding and other modelers who were here, are and probably will be, and Stew2000 who do scratch made wheels.
I'm sure if there will be some mox unlocker WR2 community will lose many modders.

How do u know Han that these communitys works without password protection? I can tell u that u are wrong and well is people own decision if want protect work or not.

why this has to happen after years where so many mods are released and nobody would think about leak source code of most important tools for WR2, is just unfair, cause if I knew that, I wouldnt release that many mods.

BTW. look why the people who vote "[I'm modder] Publish all tools" dont put comments here? maybe because they have nothing to say? they just wait the moment when will be possible to get all the mods from WR2 that was not possible before because the protection
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