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[WR2|CON] Fiat Grande Punto S2000 Abarth Rally
Another great car from CodeMasters! Jump

Conversion progress: 70%

LWO adapted for Mtkit, then created MOX + MTL and matched textures
Custom wheels
Custom and realistic handling, 4WD transmission, very easy and enjoyable to drive and control drifts.
Custom lights

Cockpit view Big Grin
Maybe I have to increase the rear wheels tread value Wink

And here are the pics (if you see some ginning on images is jpg's fault, textures are HQ and perfect):

[Bild: punto4.jpg]

[Bild: punto3b.jpg]

[Bild: punto2.jpg]

[Bild: punto1l.jpg]

[Bild: puntoe.jpg]

[Bild: punto5c.jpg]

[Bild: punto6r.jpg]
CIAO dall'Italia!
FANTASTIC WORK ENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!
Another Fiat from the Italian modder Enzo. Big Grin
As normal version it would look good, but the here shown rally version looks a bit strange with the wide body and small wheels. Maybe you can increase the wheels-width and the tread also at the front wheels?
The dirt textures also still look a bit unfinished because some parts are full of dirt and others doesn't show anything but scratch.

Beside these points it looks also ready good and will be another interesting addon, which was never seen before as WR2 addon (only the stock Punto already exists).

Good luck with the next steps of your conversion!

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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wow, looks great enzo, i like those fiats Wink

just wheels need fix, and windows have to be a little bit darker i think Smile

[Bild: 612918]
Oh, this is also a nice car choise.
I love it.
Very good work, keep on modding !

Yeah thanks for the suggestions guys Big Grin

About the wheels I forgot to write about them before, now will be resized and I'll also change windows textures, now seem to be invisible Smile
Hi friends I'm here Big Grin

I found on Internet a dossier about this Punto: it says that rims' size is 18", so I think now it's pretty good, tell me what do you think:

[Bild: immagine7.jpg]

Also tread should be ok now (I put also an Italian plate, but fake Big Grin)

[Bild: immagine8m.jpg]
CIAO dall'Italia!
Please the wheels textures repair ( texturs with PhotoShop -> ˇreplace colours or ˇHue/Saturation Ctr+U - or ˇContrast/brightnes )
Original picture -
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png]. . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 << JDM power . . .
looks good Enzo, it even gave me a good idea to mod Wink
[Bild: punto958c.jpg]
[Bild: 612918]
Jeroen your fiat punto have dash ??
The new rim-size is a lot better and also the tread seem to be ok.

The rim-color is a completely different one. The photo you have shown has white rims but it is also a pure white Punto, Enzo's isn't that much white and so the rims yould be darker, too?

Stop those unnecessary postings. You write too often only one or two words or completely off-topic. Once again and you will get a timeout from the forum to think about how to write!

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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