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Mods videos
Im new in this and i have a question

¿is there any problem to upload videos showing maps or cars mods in youtube?, because i want to upload some videos and im so ignorant in the copyright themes!!!Crazy

(sorry for my bad english!!!!Crazy)
Ehm, if I understood you right, you want to upload some videos on Youtube, which feature maps or cars?

The thing is, you can do whatever you want, however, all you need is the permission of the original author. Unless you have created the car or map from scratch / yourself of course.

Furthermore I moved your thread to the right subforum. The other forum you were posting in is just for problems concerning the website. Wink

Welcome to the forums btw. Smile

Edit: Okay, I mixed up something. You want to show us videos from Youtube with mods I guess. Well, the point is the same. We only like to see videos of conversions or mods in general, when they are not illegal. Meaning, the permission of the original author is present.
Big Grin 
Im clear now , ¡Thanks!, im sorry if i wrote in the wrong place, its my first post.
Thanks for the welcome and for clarify the things i dont understand
Why should I have permission of a modder, when I only want to make a video? I also do not need any permission for screenshots and videos are only "animated screenshots". So, when you have downloaded a mod (e.g. a car) you can of course upload videos you made with that car on youtube.
If that car was an illegal conversion, what does that have to do with the point you only made a video, nothing. You do not touch the mod in any way so there is no need for any kind of permission, as long as the author did not say "I don't want to see screenshots or videos of my mod" (this could be when a mod is still in beta status and not yet released for the public).

Bis denne, Han Solo
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I think the same of you Han, but im just a bit worrie of legal problems or that kind of things.
Maybe its not necessary to ask, its the same thing when people upload copyrighted music on youtube, they turn off the audio. I dont know what to do, but ,maybe i have to wait for some more info, thanks Han Solo and La Pimpa for you help!!!!
ok!Thumbs Up
Well, looks like I accidently wrongly described what I meant, sorry for the misunderstanding.

What Han Solo said is completely acceptable and right, however, what I meant was when you are the converter of some kind of mod, and you do not have the permission for the mod to convert from the original author, then it is undesirable to show either screenshots or videos of that illegal mod. Wink

Of course you can show videos and screenshots of any mod when you just have downloaded it. Wink

Sorry again for the misunderstanding!
well, thanks for the explanation, im clear now, and something else
For me its a bit difficult to write in english, because im speak spanish, my english is basic
(hope you understand)

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