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"A message concerning TXPro"

This message is directed to the admins of games.reveur and also for users. Note, I post this message to everyone but not all of you are bad, most of you are nice. But some are not, they know who they are. I post this so everyone won't get the wrong story in the future and it is not meant to insult all the community in anyway. To good admins like Basti93, I only direct this message to you. It is not meant to insult you in any way, just ensure action is quicker. This is a long message so dont jump to conclusions after reading the first part only.

We are really sad and sorry to write that as we never imagined this may happen. As you know since some time we make our addons Exclusive simple not to allow other websites mirror them which was caused by incidents with games.reveur. I can remember than in past we were so open and we didnt make problems to mirror our addons. But that's the past, not the presend. Sadly in the present, couple days ago games.reveur staff started remove all link to our addons explaining that we are selling mods which is not true. We work hard and offer people all mods for free, because selling is simply illegal and it would be stupid if we sold addons. We only offer special features in members area, that you can become an advanced user with many advantages of user profile editing or access to some areas where only admins can enter. Also, the exclusive mods there are simply beta stage mods which will be released to public later after comments from betatesters. It is also a way to make our mods better, not a profitable strategy in any way. But that doesnt stop some games.reveur admins think of us the worst and make us the bad guys here on forum. We cannot stay quiet and handle this hurting and in same very insulting us behaviour from your side anymore. We are asking of remove any single addon mod made by TXpro team members (TomWin, XdriveR, Stew2000, RaJo8 etc.) that is in your database. We give you 2 days for clean your download area, after that time, any TXpro mod that is on GR, will be just simply unauthorised.

HOWEVER is second option, which we recommend to do, as we do not want to hurt anyone the way we have been hurt. Please stop removing our links from forum, accept us as we are. We are looking for friendly way of solve the problem. I know TXPro is not always right, we make mistakes too. But does not mean we are always wrong as some of you see us. All we ask for is same treatment as others, not for you to like us, just fairness. We dont always get along but that happen to everyone. For all the trouble that we as a team may have caused, we apologise. To those who hurt us, an apology is not needed. As I've said countless times in PMs; since the past is the past and we should leave it behind and focus on the present, not dwell on past mistakes. All we ask is minimize problems in the future and if we have problem, we can just talk first, not suddenly remove all links and etc.

We are sorry fans of WR2 and all users who likes to play WR2 and look for addons. You are the reason we continue to mod I hope you understand us. Thank you for your time reading.

The Team
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Hm, as far as I understood "you" and "us" I think that was a big misunderstanding.

At first sight of your news it just looked as if people buying for premium would get never-release-in-public, converted-from-e.g.-ea-game cars/scenerys/vinyls. As for that "we" just had to be suspicious of that - Also for me it looked just like "pay and you get exclusive converts for payers"

After reading what you wrote in that e46 discussion-thread I think you wanted to make it be something else. You wanted to make people pay for premium-functions in the forum and you give them access to your betas in addition to that. Mayhe it was some kind of.. "bad writing" (-> misunderstandable) by the one who's written the news.
So.. I finally understood that you're offering that premium thing to be able to handle the server bills - you're giving the peeps premium/admin rights and you allow them to take part in betatesting of your mods. Maybe if you (or was it matthew? ...) hadn't written that in the news, this discussion would't even have started.

So.. in my opinion it should be good at first if everyone clears up his complete viewing poing and we can see what those are. We could see what to do finally after we have those points. (Will write more of my opinion later)
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@Basti93 ur opinion for me is Bad ... (AGAIN) he don't sell his mods...he search money for adjust server so we can have very awesome server for upload Addons for WR 2 Wink only this ..because for first week he release cars for premium member but next he release his mods for all so he doesn't make addons only for premium member please UNDERSTAND!!!
I think payed access to anything in modding area is a bad idea. You profit on someone else's work (EA, Atari, etc..)

Modding should be hobby. Care to name a few who else profits from WR2/AFC/FVR modding?

EDIT: I talked to Tom, his mistake is that he did not clearly said - "payed options and modding are not related". His payed options are only for site's visual and some admin options.
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
but all payed things are not related to modding and DOT

all the addons are for free, because sell addon from other game/modder or even self made is illegal and we know it
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
I agree with Krom.Yes you can say that they are only beta test.But how many of the people that will pay are pay just for addons.Only user that have beta are you your friends nothing wrong but other are which will pay.It's seem you are deliberately put this for beta test so user like Il-buzzurro-91 have any reason to give you money.And will he pay if you dont' give him addons
@koce: if there was a "donate" button, Il-buzzurro-91 would still donate since he wants to. Just now he gets benefits such as customisation. I know him.

It should be made clear, as Krom and Tom said, that "payed options and modding are not related". His payed options are only for site's visual and some admin options!!!
Please understand, that we understand that already. It's only that we think so first. What would you expect, if you read "exclusive addons"? I wouldn't think, that these addons ever will be available for everyone but only for premium members. That was the problem and yes, we understood!

So above all "exclusive" leads to confusion. After you assure, that there are no "exclusive" addons, for me personally there is no problem anymore. But to advertise with these phrase is critical, because probably most of people have think like us and paid just because of these "exclusive" addons.
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oh finally u understand Smile people understanding wrong i bought premium member because with it i can have new functions in forum Tongue example i have possibility to be one day a administrator or moderator or beta tester TX pro doesn't exist exclusive addons only addons for all people . For all premium member have possibility to try those addons before of public release only this Wink
Schon bei den Wort "exklusive" dreht es mir den Magen um.Und was nun wer,wo und wie bezahl, ist eigentlich Bockwurst,bezahlt ist bezahlt.Egal wie das Kind heist.Wer weis schon wie Gelder verteilt werden,da haben manche schon gedacht die bei den "Roten Kreuz" spenden das sie armen was gutes tun?
Mir tut es nur leid das all die Modder die solche tollen Modelle mal machen bischen unter gehn in den ganzen Konvertierungsjubel um "toll,schön und super detailreich".
Also finde ich es,egal wie man es nennt,nicht so toll für irrgentwas zu bezahlen.
PS.Vieleicht könnte man die ganzen Addons mit in die bald kommende Haushaltsabgabe nehmen,da ist die Disku gleich zu Ende.Der eine schaut eben mehr Fernsehn und ein anderer spielt dafür mehr WR2 am PC : Tee:
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