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"A message concerning TXPro"
Pischti i don't like ur answer because i sayed that In TX pro doesn't exist Exclusive Addons
Il-buzzurro-91 schrieb:@Basti93 ur opinion for me is Bad ... (AGAIN) he don't sell his mods...he search money for adjust server so we can have very awesome server for upload Addons for WR 2 Wink only this ..because for first week he release cars for premium member but next he release his mods for all so he doesn't make addons only for premium member please UNDERSTAND!!!

You didn't read my post, did you?
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|+++ Kein Support per PN/IM! +++ No support via PM/IM! +++|
Here are some of the advantages you get at TX site (direct copy-paste as of 13.06.2010 9:46 +3GMT):
OK. Premium Member Badge
OK. MR Host UK Discounts
OK. Custom Name Colour
OK. Ability to close your own threads
NOT OK. Previews and Beta Downloads of Modifications
NOT OK. Exclusive Modifications (Please note we are not selling modifications)
OK. Downloads not limited
OK. Ability to Customise your profile (Font, Background Colour, etc)
OK. Can Upload their own Addons to the Download manager
NOT OK. Can delete own posts and threads
OK. Unlimited Private Messages
OK. Can Post calender events
OK. Can view who is online
OK. Chance to become a staff member (Free Application Required)
NOT OK. See users who are appearing offline
OK. Can create and manage groups
OK. Create Secret Groups
NOT OK. Secret area
BLAH-BLAH, I DONT BELIEVE IT BY NOW. Note that, all payed things are not related to modding
HM? And Much more being added all the time

As you see there are quite a few things I find inappropriate. Some are not so important (deleting own posts, viewing offline persons..), but some are very major - beta downloads and exclusive mods. Explain us, how it's the same thing as "all payed things are not related to modding" and "we are not selling modifications". Heh?
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
maybe more easy would be go TXpro and discuss it there than stay in other forums telling how bad is TXpro, they do this and that not OK. We were working long and asking opinions about advantages list. Where were u then, ha?

NOT OK. See users who are appearing offline
NOT OK. Can delete own posts and threads
NOT OK. Secret area

dont believe in: Note that, all payed things are not related to modding? is your problem in what u believe in what not.
We only offer previleages dude.

NOT OK. Previews and Beta Downloads of Modifications
NOT OK. Exclusive Modifications (Please note we are not selling modifications)

We as a team discuss whether or not to do this and it change around a lot. I don't mind people have different opinion but is unacceptable to just make bad comments only.

We are discussing this issue in txpro (yes, we are another existing wr2 community) and I won't mind if we discuss there. Just like in my last message, rather than fight, talk first.

Not use another forum to create bad reputation from us. The final decision has not been made and we welcome you to join our discussion at our site. Is also ok to discuss and be helpful using this forum. But please, no unhelpful bad comments only, it doesn't do anyone any good.

Thank you.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
It's nothing wrong to discuss it here.Nobody make your site or you bad.It's people reaction to your thing that you do.It's bad to write somthing then delete and say where it is.But i check and every thing about mods is delete i think that is fine.
What a big fat liars. Your team selling addons !!!! People buy premium only for exclusive cars.
This liars deleted all compromated post, but i find something
Il-buzzurro_91 videos.See another video on buzzurro channel, and you see toyota gt-one and audi avus!
This cars only for premium and of course only for money!!!!
Authors of this scratch made models didnt now what happened with his creations.
Its illegal. If you selling models,you dirty thiefs.
mah lol..they are beta for now..
"Both me and my wife are solicitors and I can assure you that we are not breaking any law"

Hahahahahaha. That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard of in the whole WR-Community. It doesn't matter if the cars are beta or not. People can download 'em only for a money charge. In our world this means "selling" in proper english.

So sad.

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"Because hope is all we´ve got..."
:S you too Wink if u get example ...before Anoussa made his Audi R-8 Spyder only for premium member but next like u can see now R-8 spyder is for public release and so for all addons that are for premium member so stop with those insult ot other about TX PRO if u don't know how are!??! ok? please stop with all..
No this is even stupid.

"We are not profiting from this at all. We are using this to pay server costs, and may I also point out 75% of is most likely illegal! They are profiting from mods, by forcing users to open advertisements. So basically, you have just incriminated Games.Reveur.De "

They only pay they servers that is not profit haha.And i dont know who forcing me to open ads like txpro don't have ads.

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