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"A message concerning TXPro"
Don't tell another person a liar when you play this game, one minute exclusive, the other not, the next excluse and now again no exclusive addons.
This is something that is just noncredible and some kind of playing with others.

We can't support a site with such confusion even when we was doing it and would like to, but all the time changing your mind or your host is changing his mind let us think you are not the person you try to show here.
Of course you are a modder, a good one with many addons, but the way you talk about others, than the idea to offer addons for money in combination with premium membership and here telling we lie, is something that brings a bad light to the complete community.

Don't make it now look as like we excogitated the selling idea and as like it was month ago. It was yesterday when the site was changed two times and you offered and than again not offerd exclusive stuff.

Bis denne, Han Solo
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I can understand from both sides of what is happening. Txpro is giving the option of a premium user account for some addons which are exlusive content, noth wrong there tbh. Many forums that I am a member of have the option of a premium account offering unlimited downloads and somestimes, exlusive content. Many of these forums use the memership money for hosting the site and maintaining the race servers. I belive this is the case with Txpro, so reveur stop accusing them of selling addons as this is not the case. I think this is just a simple misunderstanding and i think to clear this up, Tomwim, could you please verify that if I am correct or not and make it known on the txpro site. Keep up the fabulous work as allways Tom.
So all, who criticize you - kidsSad? Damn, tomek you upset me....
proton schrieb:So all, who criticize you - kidsSad? Damn, tomek you upset me....

not really, but u because the language u use.

@ welsh37/5: that's a great post which explains all Smile U are right. The premium options is to offer members more advantages, unlimited download, posibility to upload contest to our download area self, remove/close own threads/posts etc. We had idea why not give these people also ability to test addons before public release. Looked like good idea after discussion as we had no intentions to sell anything because is illegal. Is like send addons between us team mates to test to cooperate which is nothing wrong. But sadly it was confused with selling mods which is really hurting for us, because we only sell special options, soon (we are working on that) after some set up these premium members will get space on server for own ftp or small website. We have removed "Exclusive" things as it caused problems mostly by misunderstoods. I repeat again I DONT AND I WILL NEVER SELL MODS because I know it's illegal.

@ Han Solo: yes we were modifacting main site form, and I removed "EXCLUSIVE" thing yesterday, later other admin added it again which I didnt know, because we didnt talk. I noted today morning that "Exclusive" is back so I removed it again, after that I saw post on GR. Later I talked with admins and nobody will make mistake to add "Exclusive" back on website.
Stop put the bad light on me all the time ok? :S
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Hi guys,

first: sorry for my english.

I was/am a member of many communitys. I played Need for Speed since the second part is out. The same with Grand Theft Auto. I played it from the begging on (okay, except for gta london). In every community i didnt have to register to download something. And its the same for games.reveur. I downloaded cars, tracks, maps for free - and all people are equal. Everyone gets the stuff at the same time. I dont had / have to pay to get the car for a certain period. I think, some of the websites had a donation button. I think, thats good. You can pay if you want and if you like the website.

I think the TX-Team makes good mods with a good quality. I alway liked the addons. But i dont think its fair, to offer the cars for the paying-people first and for a certain period. That means that you dont treat all people the same. If you have SUCH a high amount of server-costs ... why cant you use ads to get money and pay them - like other websites ?

I dont think that we (the users from g.r) hate you and say bad things. We are here to discuss it. And i think we can find a solution for everybody.
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Tom, we absolutely don't want to put a bad light on you or the other TX Pro members - we only try to make clear that the premium memberships are not legal when you offer exclusive addons with them. It doesn't matter if these are only beta versions which will be released some days later; people who buy the premium memberships pay automatically for all the features. That also includes the exclusive addons, in other words: The addons are sold and that's illegal.

I think a temporary solution would be if you remove all "exclusive addons" stuff as features of the premium memberships. Nobody can control if you send betas to your team mates and I think nobody will say something against that. But as soon as you offer exclusive addons as a feature of premium memberships it's not legal.

Of course I know that you will get less money without the addons because there are people only getting the premium membership because of the addons. It's hard to pay the costs of a site like TX Pro (oh, and: nobody makes money with g.r.) - but if you can't, you have to reduce the costs. Do you really need vBullentin? Is there no other possibility? Why don't you want to display some advertising? Did you look if there's another host which is less expensive?

PS: Tom, could you send me your MSN/ICQ/etc address via PM? I'd like to discuss about some un-answered points. Maybe we could also arrange a chat discussion between g.r. team and TX Pro team to discuss and solve that large series of misunderstandings - and solve your money-problem.
First of all, that exclusive addons were misunderstand because we don't offer paid addons.
Please understand I'm not gonna sell addons because it's illegal and unfair, even the fact, something is scratch made by for example me, I'm not allowed sell that because the rights of World Racing 2 creators.
As our intention was tread premium members (that we offer many features that normal registered user cant have) almost like team members with whos is normal we share betas for tests or for work together or one create sound, other make lights etc, so we must share them between team members. We wanted give some ability of at least beta test, discussion, previews as maybe ask help to work together with us.
ok it looks like bad idea, because the war started, I must say it was very unfriendly, because we should discuss than first before remove all the links and call us the ones who "sell mods" which isnt true. I wish to talk germany or english to proper show our intentions but is hard to find words.
Seems like most people dont understand, because I write this over and over and we are still called liars and people who sell addons.
"Exclusive" thing is removed forever after the problems they caused. I personally didnt like this idea because was worry some people may think weird but didnt know it may be that scale Sad and second thing that I WANT ALL THE ADDONS FREE FOR EVERYONE. I DONT WANT MAKE MONEY FROM THAT, if somebody think different only insult and hurt.
I dont like Ads, once I had account at googleads I was banned without reason as many people. So I dont trust this way. Also I hate Ads on the websites I visit because they are annoying sometimes even ruin whole website. So why to do that to people who visit our website?
We had donations system. But alright when somebody donate gets nothing back, that's why we created this premium members thing, to give something special to people who support our service, which we thank with all heart.
yes vBullentin was needed as is the most safe system with full support to offer the best possible service to our visitors, simply, safe and fast.

maybe if there was button called DONATE instead of ORDER would be more clear and without problems?

second thing is why other forum discuss and flame other forum. Would u be happy if we start discussion what's bad on GR, the do this and that wrong etc?
We are also forum where we are welcome to any discussions about our website, features etc.
There was no problem to discuss about premium members, like hey guys i like this idea, but this point is not correct, maybe add this and that, or no i dont like this idea. or why not lets see how will it going.I want to ask of discuss everything before start the war, look what happened, people thing bad, they dont even check TXpro, but says this and that, so ugly 5 posts needs what a stupid TXpro forum. Interesting because u need 0 (ZERO) posts to be able download anything.

Thats all from me. I hope all is clear now. Sorry for all problems and misunderstandings. I tried to explain all the best.
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