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[WR2|CONV|REL] Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce v1.0
[Bild: lp670svfront1.jpg]
[Bild: lp670svfront2.jpg]
[Bild: lp670svrear1.jpg]
[Bild: lp670svrear2.jpg]
[Bild: lp670svdash.jpg]
version: 1.0

This car is made by: Turn10
Converted and edited by: TomWin
Driver head is scratch made by: TomWin
Sound and colors are made by: GallardoLP560dash4

- WARNING this model over 100k polys!!
- Accurate high quality 3D model with hq interior
- realistic lights
- falling off parts
- class: 220
- factory LP670-4 SV colors + LP670-4 SV special colors
- scratch & dirt effect
- performance is close to real
- MenuClassID: 204 (Lamborghini)
- New sound (ID: 245)
- high quality dash
- SV side vinyl
- 2 dfferent wings types, small and big wing
- Vin Diesel driver head model!

Thanks to:
- Turn10: for a great model
- GallardoLP560dash4 for make fantastic sound, performance tweaks, colors and tips
- RaJo8: for help
- Ernegien: for the Forza Studio
- Krom: for great tools Smile

!!!It is forbidden to modify any files or host this Add-on car in any other website without my or the author's permission!!!
The model, skin and other files are for private use only
Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners



more pics (HQ):
[Bild: bbc01a93927900.jpg] [Bild: 8ccb9693927917.jpg] [Bild: 9c6bee93927943.jpg] [Bild: a2dafe93927975.jpg] [Bild: f0b06c93927998.jpg] [Bild: e7bfdc93928020.jpg] [Bild: dd196b93928051.jpg] [Bild: 18314193928072.jpg] [Bild: a68c5e93928097.jpg] [Bild: d70a4293928114.jpg] [Bild: 71347393928130.jpg]

Have FUN!!

EDIT: grrrrrrrrr and now looking at pics I see I forgot fix horn logos on wheel Sad
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Yeah! Nice car, thank you so much! Will this car work on a low-end pc with 768MB Ram, 2.7GhZ Win XP - just because of the over 100 Polys?
If there would be a rating system, you would get 5 stars Wink.
Over 100.000 polys??? You mean with wheels, or did you outsmart the MTkit What

Car looks fantastic, I will test it as soon as I can.

@ wr2champ: There is a rating system on TXproWink
Great Lambo Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce. Again a dream of Car.
Over 100k Polys ? Found a way to pass the 65k Polylimit of MTkit2 Big Grin ?

Anyway, good work. I see you have other Dust Textures, nice Smile
[Bild: aspb9dfd7fec5d9fjpg.jpg]
Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''
It's nice convention.A bit understeers.
TomWin schrieb:- WARNING this model over 100k polys!!
Mtkit limit is a 65k polly. You beat this?
[Bild: podpissz.jpg]
caliboyz schrieb:Mtkit limit is a 65k polly. You beat this?

No, he didn´t.
The car has "only" 64751 polys...

I tested it, it´s great, thanks, TomWin.
64751 polys? How did you notice this? O.o Yeah ok, I'll test the car and hope it works.
he made it by putting polys at driver model. Whole cockpit + engine is in driver model

[Bild: murcisv13kmz.jpg] [Bild: murcisv2lj75.jpg] [Bild: murcisv3wvki.jpg] [Bild: murcisv46m33.jpg] [Bild: murcisv5avy9.jpg] [Bild: murcisv6uwyn.jpg]
everything at murci is hq, even the needles at dash ^^ looks awsome, just missing the matt pink colour
[Bild: murcisvroze1csp.jpg]
just made an impression in MTkit
[Bild: 612918]

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