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BMW M5 E60

links deleted because of permission issue

Thanks to:
Krom for Wr tools.
Martin Leps for BMW Model.
Do you have permission to release stuff made by Martin Leps? No? Then please delete the download.
[Bild: untitled-3df1y.png]
320d Touring E46|1995cm³|0-100 Km/h: 10,1s~9s|100 kW (136 PS)118 kW (160 PS) @ 4000/min|Vmax: 217 Km/h
"They see me rollin', they hatin'..."

Pardon my asking...But what is the difference between this E60 M5 and the " other " E60's in the library????
Silly Boys......Bimmers are for girls Wink

[Bild: 11sji2h.jpg]

This one seems to have bigger rims Crazy
I don't think there's a different. They're looking the same, maybe the engine is better than the one in the libary - but I don't know.
Hmmm...I see it handles differently ( Grips road more ) And their is a propper " ///M " badge on the steering wheel..SUPER KOOL! Big Grin

The only thing that bugs me VERY badly is the vynls at the top of the windshield. ( When the car has no vynls selected ) ( Car does not match ) The M5 Ring Taxi has these Vynls..THIS M5 does not need this is a regular M5 Upload Smile

and there is a little hole where you can see the road through the speedo!

[Bild: awf8qs.jpg]

Daniel211....Can these be fixed please ?????

( If I had the password to Editcar, I could fix the problems myself and make an update ) Wink

Thank You!!!!!

Silly Boys......Bimmers are for girls Wink

[Bild: 11sji2h.jpg]

This is Martin Leps body and adamraga cocpit.
Just one thing: You need a permission for Martin Leps's car, if you don't have one, the Moderators will probably delete the link and close the thread.
[Bild: minecraft6ms7p8asg.png]
The new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé.
We don't need you as megaphone. Wink
Semir is enough as megaphone. Crazy

For every conversion you need permission of the author (have a look at themodding rules here in the board). I'll close this thread, until you proof that you have permission of both authors.



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