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Downloads rating system hmm
I was checking downloads in GR and something really confused me.
I just wonder what is the point of "stars" rating system if almost all addons get 5 stars not matter of quality etc. So is hard to find something really good, because all is perfect, but after download in game I can see is bad. I think that is unfair for some reason.

Real modding is gone, if there are HQ models from forza or nfs that everybody can convert and looks good in game.
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There is pic for all most of addons.And taste is relative thing.I don't know but it's sound stupid to say it's bad that we have good models.That mean that we will have more nice cars and don't wait only one person to make cars.
what is your problem about wait only one person? that stupid wait 1 person convert all lol

of course more nice cars and great models = better
but why all cars get 5 stars? this means all are perfect in every meaning. for me even 4 stars is pretty good grade and means that the conversion is great. 3 stars is still good but some bugs. 2 stars means conversion is acceptable, but 1 means conversion is bad.
there is no measure at all in fact. u can compare 2 or more with 5stars addons and see difference in quality. that's not good. or 1 stars rate because somebody doesnt like real car. and 5 stars because somebody loves real car.

if there is no critize that means for somebody think he does perfect and dont have to improve this or that. that doesnt help at all nobody
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
...i know i'm not good enough to speak about the quality of addons but even those forza /nfs models need work you can't say that all "hq" models are nicely done your case tom i think you put the accent on all minor/major details ...details that most users dont notice sometimes is work in vain Sad.....i think now the 5* become just a "like"-vote not quality or anything else ....
yes they need work, but in fact they mostly looks nice in game

nobody is perfect at beginning, i sucked when i started Big Grin

koce gets better with time, he does great conversions now. as well u and Im sure u will learn on first conversion to make later great and perfect ones, I like your work so far Smile

indeed 5* is not for quality but for like a car. for example oh I like mercedes s63 so I give 5* no matter if is good or bad in game lol
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
The point is, people do not rate fair. It doesn't matter if one person rate a car 5 stars because the person really loves the model, buit it matters when another person rates a car 1 star only because the person do not like the modder.

But, and here comes the main question: Where is your suggestion, how to make it better?

It was a request by many people to be able to rate cars, so I developed that. Yes, it's all written by me, g.r. does not use any existing base. So, you say now it's not good. I accept your opinion, but I don't see any arguments, how it can be improved. Or will you say rating should be removed completely?

Let's discuss this and please, don't see any discussion as an insult. Wink

Bis denne, Han Solo
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@pmx6s :Every body can say what they think no matter of quality.
@TomWin:My problem is to wait one person for all is that you make cars and keep to you self until is done.Yes i know quality should be a good but that too much time.That is why i start to make cars.
Again taste is relative.You can tell other this is bad but they should not listen you if they don't want.Your cars are good other can compare and see.But you missing one thing not all want so many detail like you.That is why they get 5 stars.
koce there is no reason to bring any personal things into this topic. is not about my cars and others, but is in general about every addon.

well Han, rating system u did is perfect, is just problem with unfair rates. In college u get grades for your work quality not if teacher likes u or hates, or if he likes one topic or other one.

Maybe add some * rate rules or so, is hard to organize that all.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
@Tomwin:Sorry is this seems like personal i don't want to sound like that.I just give example that anyone can think his car is still bad and others to wait long time for it.And they think is good.That why taste is relative.Wait you don't have problem with system of rating.Your problem is that other think bad car for you is good for them did i understand right.
@Hansolo:May be one way system do be most fair to rating is to sum all start and then devide by number of ratings.
You see the hints in red color above the comments textbox, right? Maybe you can, maybe not, realize, how often, even after adding these hints, people simply ignore them and post requests, ask for installation instructions and so on.
I am sure that another hint, how to use the rating and what it's meant for, do not change anything.

It is annoying but a typical behavior of the current generation to act like *place what you like* in the internet. So many don't care about rules or hints, it's even too much to read.

I was thinking a lot how to improve something but you can look all around the internet, everywhere you find some rating you find people who rate without logic.

Bis denne, Han Solo

Explain your suggestion better, I don't understand it right now, koce. The average rating is currently a sum of all given ratings divided by the number of given ratings. That's the common way how to calculate an average. What do you think, maybe you have some good idea?
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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