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Downloads rating system hmm
I mean to make system like you say it is.So my suggestion was stupid.Other ways is to make different aspects of rating like model, wheels, sound, and cocpit.And not to sum rating from every users but all ratings for cocpit and all rating for wheel.Example i rate cocpit 5 ,other 3 so cocpit car will have cocpit rating 4.
sounds like good idea
model, wheels, sound, cockpit, textures, editcar
that would give to modders some good feedback, to know what improve and for the ones who download better knowledge about addons Smile

these rate done without any logic are pretty annoying and damaging.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
..or just forget this stupid rating thing.

It's just senseless.

For me, a bad converted and modelled Mazda 323F would still be better than a perfect converted "koce-style" Ferrari or Porsche. So it's all about taste.

In my opinion we should get rid of the whole rating system.

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"Because hope is all we´ve got..."
So, if i understood you correctly, koce, you want to split the rating into different aspects? I think thats a good idea, because than every aspects are weighted the same way (auf deutsch: gleich gewichtet; mein englisch ist halt net so pralle Wink ).
But i think one problem with the rating system is: If somebody converts a car perfectly, but a "real" Modder like Pischti makes a car or a map from scratch alone and maybe the result is not so good; should i give him less stars in the rating system, if he had probably the most work with that car/map/what ever?

I think the rating system is a good idea, but its difficult to vote for things, that are made completly different (conversion/mod/scrtchmade/...).

I think, thats a difficult, but interesting topic Wink

EDIT: @screamo: Maybe your right; but losing the whole rating system will be bad, in my opinion
This is democracy.I think never should be control over rating or commnets(only if they are insult).Only we can more accurate only for rating to be more detail.As i think about rating othere is pic any one can see it.And every one can tell their opinion.And nice is we know when i or other comment by they user name.And rating is personal thing.
i think it good as it is NOW it should be kept this way WinkSmile
I think it´s a good idea to rework the rating system.
An good example is this car.
kocestalin99 wrote: "Ist er nicht irgendwie zu gross?" (engl: I think the car is too big), but he rates it with 5 *. And RYO doesn´t give any reason for his rating.
Everyone think that it´s a perfect car, but in my opinion it isn´t so does it really deserve 5 *???

I prefer something like the system on, here is an example.
This way nearly everyone notice what the real quality of an Addon is and maybe they rate "better" then.

But I also thing no rating system is no solution. It´s an easy way for user and modder how good the/ their car is.
that's what I meant Smile is rather better for modders to know how good their cars are than punish somebody. unfair rates arent helpful. for myself example can say that, nobody before told me I do wrong hands or other things, all was telling that all is perfect so I had nothing to improve, untill some critic i heard, which helped me note some issues

look at koce, me and not only me bothered about brakes in cars and now he is doing, that is called nice improve due the constructive critic.

i see that rFactor rate system as brilliant which allows rate addon in every aspect, to show what is perfect, what is good and what bad and need fix or improve.

for WR2 categories could be
car, wheels, cockpit, textures, editcar, lights, damages, sound, suspension (included or not), vinyls, other features....hmm maybe something more dunno

is stupid rate car for like or not
for example I dont like Dacia and such cars. does that mean I should rate this bad, even the quality is great?
rate system is for help modders and users, not to show which one car u like or dont like
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Rating can't be real.They are near the true.Even if somebody hate editcar(just give example for part of car) i can like it.For critics there are comments.And when there is pic i get idea of quality of addons.Rating is expires your opinion and everybody is free to say anything.

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