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More than one year passed since 2fast4u wrote a PM at The_Borg to me.
I just released 2.Test for WR2 and he asked:
Zitat:Why not making real racing tracks like Norisring?
And I answered:
Zitat:Wouldn't be so difficult I guess, can you give me a exact track-picture to modell from?
He gave it to me and I started modelling...

A lot of time passed since this moment, I added a environment to Norisring, first only some gras, after that an Autobahn for Abstandhalterin...

I made some tries to make a good tunnel, it was allready two kilometers long but I decided to erase it again and start with a highway...

And so it went on... and on... and on...

A lot of people supported me, a lot of people worked on this scenery, this release I'm doing today is also their hard work. Thanks guys, I'll never forget working with you, the chats at ICQ, the mails and the file exchanges... the hostings at the WR2-Mp and so on...

Now the work is done. There are some bugs which can not solved and there are some wishes I didn't fulfill but I'd say it's a good scenery anyway.

-Scenery from scratch by LS 134 with more than 140.300 Polygons without objects
-More than 22 kilometers of street + offroadtracks, the 2300 meters of the norisring tracks and sideways
-More than 4 km² scenery
-11 tracks on and offroad, including the first waypoint track ever in addonscenerys
-a beautiful landscape with hills, rivers and lakes, Autobahn, Highway and a city
-220 different 3d objects by awesome modellers like Krom, Stefan and King Megané, more than 3400 object instances
-66 Textures for mainscenery, 247 Textures for objects
-Norisring Racetrack close to reality
-Traffic Mod by GurkKnilly with 22 new cars driving through the scenery

Of course the usual WR2-Features like:
-animated objects

Official Boardthread with movie
Download with screenshots

Kein Download @ vorhanden.

LS 134
Screenshots are looking definately interesting, I'll gonna keep an eye on it.
Gonna test it out asap, telling from the screenshot from above, the track layout looks really close to the real one, good work. Smile
What a fantastic scenario! Applause
The best scratch-made addon scenario for WR2.
It can even keep up with converted scenarios like Landstraße. Thumbs Up
What makes the scenario so special (besides the race track)?
It is certainly the different ways of using this scenario: cruising on a highway, driving through the city, racing over the Norisring, ...

There is only one small problem:
Why does the scenery appear so late?
When you drive, you see how the objects are built up in front of you.
Of course, the scenario has many polygons, but isn't there any way to let the buildings appear earlier?

Real a very cool Scenario Top

Best Track ever made Big Grin
[Bild: aspb9dfd7fec5d9fjpg.jpg]
Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''
The problem of the viewdistance with buildings is the way they are placed in the scenario.
In Synetics original Scenarios are buildings a part of the scenariomodel. Here at Norisring buildings are objects wich are not part the scenariomodel and appear like trees in a special viewdistance.
The same happens with trees and other stuff but I still don't know, why this happens.
The number of polygons is never the reason of the late appearance of objects. Compared to Synetic original scenarios this one has much less polygons.

But however, the scenario Norisring is of course a big and nice thing which costs much time to create it.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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Objects appearing late...
This happens because there are so many objects and so many object instances, more than in a original scenery I guess (Don't know it by hard).

Try to set the view-distance higher (In WR2 config settings), this could help.
If scenery would be smaller and had less objects it would not be a problem but we have this size now and this is the price to pay Sad

It has less polygons WITHOUT objects but including objects it's a high ammount of polygons, also the objects are very highpoly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the scenery and thanks for the positive comments!

LS 134
Hey friends!

I brought help, have a problem when I Norsingring wants to play, a Warning Message is then plunges from wr2.
[Bild: New_Skool_Signatur-1.png]

Sterne am Himmel...
Was wollen uns diese Worte sagen? English for runaways (Fortgeschrittene)?

Richtig installiert läuft Norisring ohne Probleme und bringt ihm Multiplayer-Modus richtig Spass!!!

I become a schnitzel,please
(Schon mal vorweg SORRY,konnt nicht anders.)Beitrag ist absolut sinnfrei.
[Bild: nrh8sujqyu.jpg]
Was redest du Joern ? Mach nicht einen auf schlau ne Wink
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Sterne am Himmel...
There seems to be a problem with the traffic.
Just try to use a traffic file from another scenario, rename it to the Norisring traffic file name and give it a try.
I read at Synetic and Borg that others have this problem too and it might happen because of some issues with the traffic file.

Es scheint ein Problem mit dem Verkehr zu geben.
Versuche die nötige Traffic Datei von einem anderen Szenario zu kopieren und umzubenennen. Ich habe bei Synetic und Borg gelesen, dass auch andere dieses Problem haben. Also einfach mal die Datei so umbenennen, dass sie den gleichen Namen wie die originale von Norisring hat und dann nochmal starten.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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