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[WR2|WIP|REL] Mikko´s Work
Hi there!

You may have noticed that i made some vinyls (and more or less) cars from the 24h and the VLN-Langstreckenmeisterschaft at the Nürburgring.
I made them for my private use and i´ll starting now to release them to you, because many people asked me about it. These are older and newer works, some were made fast and some were made carefully.
Some are good, some are bad, some are in between!

I only used stuff from adamraga, whom i want to thank for his wonderful work and who gave me the permission for that. I also started work on Porsche Cup based on Koce´s Porsche GT3 RS and other cars from koce like the SLK, the Rapide and the V12 Vantage.
There are other nice cars from the 24h, like the Porsche 996 and 997 GT3 RSR, BMW Z4 GT3 or the Aston Martin Vantage N400, but i will not ask hundreds of people for permission. Maybe i release only the vinyls, but i think it´s useless if the driver is not wearing a helmet or the car is too heavy or too fast.

Well, here comes the first one:

[Bild: 79lj454g.jpg]

[Bild: mustang.jpg]
It´s a Ford Mustang GT RTD with a 2 litre diesel engine that produces about 280 hp. It´s very light and the bodykit is completely made from regrowable sources.


Please read, too. You´ll find the links for NFS Shift templates and 24h numbers that i used, there. Notice that the proportions of the shift cars are deformed and that the 24h-number should be 56x56cm.
I also made the FH Köln vinyl for the Ford Focus RS 500 and the Mamerow Vinyl for the RSR (because i made the same vinyl for the Cup S, so it was not much work). Don´t know if i´ll release some of that or what vwgolf is actually planning.
Looks good.
[Bild: 50sig4482kek.jpg]
Heckflossen, Petticoats und Rock 'n roll.
You can paint the driver and add the number on rear windows but only if you don't add vinyls because window texture is separated and it's "textures.ptx"
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Yes, i know that. Some cars have numbers on rear windows, some don't. Some cars have driver names on roof, some (most) don´t. The Mustang doesn't have the Rial logos, too. As i said i made these cars one after the other and never planned to release them.
I don´t have the time to make one big mod in which all cars are perfect and equal, like you often did, but i can make little changes to my work and upload a car a day or so.
The Driver doesn't really matter to me, too. I´m not the guy to put adidas logos on the shoes when nobody notices them.
[Bild: smudo_loewis_vln07_09_0528.jpg]
Feel free to change that, if you like.

There are two hundred cars in the VLN and i´d like to have them all. After that i can make the suits, but until this happens there is a new VLN-season with new cars and maybe a new game.

Part 2: VW Golf R-TDI from RSR-Motorsport. First opponent for the mustang diesel.

[Bild: hv3kodjw.jpg]
[Bild: geaxtf4y.jpg]

Wow, BASF! I really liked to work for them during my internship. Such a fireproof overall would be uniqe in World Racing 2, or Synetic racing games. the golf looks really nice, and I hope it will drive like it looks like. I noticed that the bodykit at the front looks a bit like the one of NFS MW. Thank you for this addon Smile.
You´r right, i quote the readme here (forgot that...Very Sad):

Zitat:- Adamraga : Car, Cockpit,Wheels, Sound, Templates, ... and permission!
- EA Games : NFS Most Wanted - Cars + Bodykits + Spoiler.
- Simbin : GTR2 - Sounds + Wheels (rim and tires).
- Synetic : Sound

Until now these are just the cars from adamraga, but i´didn´t like the big wheels, high performance and fantasy liveries there. No that´s not right, i liked them very much, but got bored after some time.

So far i made about 40 cars. I started with the small ones so the next car will be small, too.
Your idea is good and your yinyls too. I know how it's hard to paint because the livery change many times during season. About the driver maybe just paint it in the color of car is enough no?

You are right the Mustang don't have number on rear window I thought was the rules.

I did a small mistake with the Golf just see it today a part behind the front grill is missing.

The class will be separated or all together?

btw there's many old textures in your archive so I guess you never removed old version before install new Wink

Anyway good luck for your nice project.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Next one:

[Bild: fawpgxq5.jpg]

- No paintable windows (So no sponsors or numbers there...)
- No roll-cage
- No air intakes
- American version
- Wrong badges on back
- Standard WR2 Driver
- Some logos missing

Still, it´s one of the best mercedes in VLN or 24h-Nürburgring-livery so far and i like to race it. The other one is this car that was used by the same team before and was painted by adamraga looong ago:
[Bild: wptktd5s.jpg]


I think you see the problem now: There are cars that have standard drivers or unmapped parts, so it´s not possible to make them 100% perfect without a lot of work. That´s why i don´t care if some other cars have some little things missing, too.

Classes: I used four different ones (there are about 20 in real life) because i don´t like to mix old and new and fast or slow cars. So there is "Fast 2010"(Class 105, Score 1000), "Fast 2009 and older"(Score 750), "Slow 2010" (Score 500) and "Everything that´s not in one of these categories"(Score 1).
AI Chooses the four cars with the closest performance to yours, so no need to make complicated classes.

Online you look at the car´s data and must use some logic: The SLK is close to series, weighs 1400kg and has 335 hp. The golf has a body kit (in game) and big spoilers, weighs 1150kg and has 250hp but much torque. It´s like the real thing, you must race these cars to find out which one is faster or better.

Edit: Mustang Update

[Bild: we6gmjxr.jpg]
[Bild: qqrep7oc.jpg]


Not sure if it makes a big difference or not. Driver is nice and it´s actually the face of smudo you see, but the logos are too small to read and mostly covered by the seatbelt.

PS: Make sure to download original file and the Motorsport-Series by adamraga first, because i didn't upload the sounds!
Next: Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT 2010 (More Aston Martin to come!)

[Bild: 5k5fr3xd.jpg]
[Bild: k45c3za9.jpg]
[Bild: 2rhnq5mn.jpg]


- Turn10 Studio: Car
- EA Games: Cockpit and Spoiler
- Simbin : Wheels
- Synetic : Additional headlights
- Koce: Car, cockpit and sound
- Adamraga : Racing stuff, emergency stickers, tire textures
- Krom: WR tools

I tried to make a cockpit but had some holes because of airbags, electric windows and steering wheel on the wrong side:
[Bild: z3potd6s.jpg]
So i used the one from the DBR9:
[Bild: zsbms5j2.jpg]

PS: Ihr dürft auch gerne in Deutsch antworten!

@Mods: Alles zum Upload freigegeben!
cool work mik
Ignore taboos and drop errythang
[Bild: sigcj.jpg]
Drop school already international

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