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a couple of questions for FVR
ok firstly is anyone modding this game or has it gone by the way side, for other games

secondly how do i get my cars to appear like they do in the menu, all i can do is get them to list, but not show the actual car, in the menu, i'd like to have a look at my v8supercars in there, any advice please
I'm not sure, but you must add a v8supercar_diffuse.tga, v8supercar_mask.tga and a v8supercar_metallic.tga in the file FrontEnd2 > CarImages.

There were some people modding FVR but it went boring because you only have one track.
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I am modding for this game, too.

I think, Triumph-ator is right, but for me it wasn´t possible to do it for "metallic", the car is always white Sad

Edit: You can have a look at the tga´s of the Ferraris so that you know hoe your files have to look...
ok guys no worries, i'll investigate it...and your right about it being boring, i tried to get krom to investigate adding new tracks, but he wanted no part lol

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