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[WR2][CONV][REL] FIA GT3 2010 (S2U)
The first of two packs from SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED: 2010 FIA GT3 European Championship

For the first time I make working caliper but hidden the suspension not really usefull and the car have their own 3D model of suspension. Plus the damage, the cockpit view... this time the driver is the original of SHIFT 2 and added the interior of cockpit instead low poly with some modifications needed. The cars have been a bit reworked to be the most real as possible. All the info are in the readme.

first release

liveries fixed

07.July.2014 (final version)
improved handling/performance
harder suspension
more real weight distribution

[Bild: g2veTOPa.png]

BMW Alpina B6 GT3
9-10 Team S-Berg Racing
[Bild: alpinatkgq.jpg]

Aston Martin DBRS9
1-2 Hexis AMR
[Bild: amrkjoi.jpg]

Audi R8 LMS
3-4 Team Rosberg
[Bild: audi19mfa.jpg]
5-6 Saintéloc-Phoenix Racing
[Bild: audi2ajsq.jpg]
22-23 United Autosports
[Bild: audi3wj8r.jpg]
32-33 Black Falcon
[Bild: audi4t8ok.jpg]

76-77 Need for Speed by Schubert Motorsport
[Bild: bmwlmcf.jpg]

Chevrolet Corvette Z06R GT3
16-17 Graff Racing
[Bild: chevy1lk1h.jpg]
18 Toni Seiler Racing
[Bild: chevy2i8cd.jpg]
100-101 Callaway Competition
[Bild: chevy3k82a.jpg]

Matech Ford GT GT3
14-15 Fischer Racing
[Bild: ford088h.jpg]

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3
24-25 Argo Racing
[Bild: lamboe8ex.jpg]

Porsche 911 GT3 R
11-12 Mühlner Motorsport
[Bild: posche1b8br.jpg]
20-21 Trackspeed
[Bild: posche2dkxm.jpg]
60-61 Prospeed Competition
[Bild: posche3gmou.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Woow Shift 2 Cars in WR2? [Bild: Wow__revision_by_electricnet.gif] Thanks Adam ^-^
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png] . . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 <<< JDM power . . .
[Bild: Anbetung_012_Xfach_YouAreTheMan_BIG.gif]
Yay, that is great, I already downloaded the Pack, now I´m looking forward to some online racing with the GT3 class.
"Thank god for Jack White." - Jimmy Fallon
[Bild: b9mx3dq3dehgl3a6g.jpg]
Flickr | tumblr | Freedom in the 21st Century: ► | Kinja | Mods
Nice pack my favorite was Alpina but with that wing look strange Smile.Other cars are great.
updated the liveries but forgot to share them. I fixed all the censored website that add the missing www. .com .... I just take few of screens.
[Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-11-anfl.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-11-4ujq.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-12-wuvw.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-12-guwj.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-13-dujj.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2117-13-rng3.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Small update:
-editcar: harder suspension, proper weight distribution, a bit reduced tire grip
-fixed steering wheel position in cockpit view
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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