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I have a problem in creating new rims. AS i've checked out, the parameters for creating new wheels are,folder consisting of [rim_name] and its subcontents:

*rim_name.txt and ingame name
*rim_name_r hl/hr/vl/vr both *.mox and *.mtl, where wheels are correctly turned either left or right
*textures with all necessary textures

and that basically is it, because it does not have edicar nor any other file that requires additonal data, but the wheels do not show up in the game. I've tried this taking rims from koces car for my own tutorial. What is wrong? What needs to be done, by adding new wheels

thanks in advance
There are other things you need to look at:

- MTL: One color only, and all textures on overlay.
- Correct texture names (reifen_seite1, profiel01, Felge01)
- MTL order needs to be the same for both sides, left and right.
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Be careful with the filenames, don't use Underscore "_" or blanks, don't make it too short or too long.
Don't really remember the exact rules, but this caused me problems, too.
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Thanks for the replies. Rims still dont show up, even if I've made name without underscore, correct texture names and all on overlay. I'll show you the screens later.
You can use "_", ingame it will be a blank. A "Felge01" texture isn't necessary neither, but often used. Textures can also be on "transparency".
The legth of the name plays a role and the .txt file (must have 2 lines).
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