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Scenarios / Maps on WR2
Hi there,

I am just wondering if anyone can give me a short list or any suggestions as to what scenarios are the best to download WITH traffic. They must have traffic,

thankyou so much
Apart from Racetrack sceneries, nearly every scenery has got trafficsplines.
Very nice traffic can be found in the converted AfC11-Sceneries like these ones:

The sceneries don't bring traffic cars, you must use original traffic, or download addon traffic:

If you want to use new (not original) traffic cars, stick to the readme of any downloadable traffic pack on G.R. or read this:
Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: das All und die menschliche Dummheit.
Beim All bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein)
Thankyou so much modall, i can always rely on you. Don't you need crash time to be installed to install the converted crash time scenarios?

Also how to i put traffic in a map which does not have trapic?

The instructions are in german i don't understand,

many thanks
(13.08.2012, 21:49)sebastian10110 schrieb: i can always rely on you

You're welcome!
When I was new to modding, I got help by some people.
Now that I know some things good, I give it back to others like you! Smile
Everybody should remember, that once he was a beginner, too!

(13.08.2012, 21:49)sebastian10110 schrieb: Don't you need crash time to be installed to install the converted crash time scenarios?
No, but you must have it to get the textures, stick to the readme.txt of converted CT sceneries!
(Demo is OK Wink, don't install, just unzip with 7Zip)

(13.08.2012, 21:49)sebastian10110 schrieb: Also how to i put traffic in a map which does not have trapic?

For MyScenery to have traffic, there must be two files:

c:\...\world racing 2\traffic\streets\MyScenery.str (trafficsplines, strings)
c:\...\world racing 2\traffic\streets\MyScenery.slt (trafficcars configuration: speed, number)

To make new trafficsplines (=lines on which the cars drive) into a scenery without trafficsplines,
you must edit the scenery, which is very difficult for somebody new to modding, forget it.
Anyway, crash course tutorial (german):

Changing the trafficcars themselves is easy.
Find very nice traffic addons here:

Trafficcars must be in c:\...\world racing 2\traffic.
You find the original ones there, and you must put downloaded addon trafficcars there.

Now you must change the scenery trafficcar file (Myscenery.slt) for every scenery where you want the addon traffic to show up.

So you go to c:\...\world racing 2\traffic\streets\ and open Myscenery.slt with editor (notepad).

Alps by KROM looks like this (I shortend it):
35 200 12 220 201 1
Italy_police 1.0 0.2 0 car-hupe sirene_europe1 30
Italy_ambu 1.0 0.2 0 car-hupe sirene_europe1 30
abvan_euro 1.0 0.2 0 car-hupe 30

What does this mean?
First line defines general configuration for the trafficcars in the sceneny.
The values are different in different sceneries.
For MyScenery.slt (any scenery you change) you should only change these two values, leave the rest as it is:

35 = total number of visible trafficcars ingame while playing
Rising this may cause problems, depends on scenery and computer hardware.
Some scenerys cope with up to 85, others crash with 36.

12 = number of cars in the list below
KROM wanted to have 12 different cars in Alps scenery.
If you put more trafficcars into this file, you must count the lines with the cars (see below) and rise the number.

Second and all of the following lines describe the behavior of one special trafficcar, I picked "Italy_police" which is a original trafficcar.

Italy_police 1.0 0.2 0 car-hupe sirene_europe1 30

Italy_police = Name of the folder with addon traffic car

1.0 = Speed percentage of the car from the spline of the scenery, the author defined a speed for a road, let's say 70 km/h. So if you have a value of 1.0 for the car, it will go at 70km/h on this road. If you set this to 0.5 it will go 35km/h.
In Short: 1.5 = fast car; 1.0 = normal car; 0.5 = slow car

0.2 = Speed overhead for passing each other of trafficcars. If the car is 20% faster then the one before it, it will try to pass.

0 = Don't remember Laughing just leave it.

car-hupe = Sound of the horn, when you come close to this car, just leave it.

sirene_europe1 = Sound of the siren, italy_police is a policecar, for normal cars leave it out.

30 = Don't remember Laughing just leave it.

Notice that the free space between the values is not "Space", but "Tab"!
Also notice, that you must activate traffic in WR2 game menu.

Good luck! Top

Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: das All und die menschliche Dummheit.
Beim All bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein)
ok so i have downloaded the crash time demo but i cannot extract it as when i do it just extracts to the demo ready to play and there are no files??
ok so i found in my computer and then programme files i went to crash time and went in to scenarios and copied the textures from autobahn into wr2 scenarios textures in autobahn like the read me told me to do but in the game only some textures work and some do not, very odd. Do i need to uninstall the demo or what? please please help

Please avoid double - posting ! Also take a look at the Forum Rules

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