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[WR2|MOD|REL] Vinyls for XDriver's Skyline R34 & Tom's R35 GT-R or Spec V
It has been a very long time since I touched WR2, as my old computer died on me. I did all these vinyls before it died, and now I have managed to save them from my hard disk. I've released this on & Theborg, but seem like they aren't getting much attention so I post this up here.

Here are the links, pictures below. Credits to me for making these vinyls, to their original owners, and last but not least to Tom and XDriver for the wonderful cars.

R34 Vinyls
Mine's R34 vinyl
R35 Vinyls

R34 Vinyls
[Bild: 28518_1461230296684_3214247_n.jpg]
[Bild: 27785_1477312258723_2362658_n.jpg]
[Bild: 27785_1477308138620_5039180_n.jpg]
[Bild: 30085_1479373350249_105842_n.jpg]
[Bild: 28585_1485764510024_5624510_n.jpg]
[Bild: 150661_10200463549057204_1121356089_n.jpg]
[Bild: 549808_10200463549257209_194655009_n.jpg]

R35 without sponsor logos
[Bild: 27726_1459761059954_2320217_n.jpg]
R35 with sponsor logos
[Bild: 27726_1459760819948_1343187_n.jpg]
Very nice skins dude. I realy like them, but I think there´s already some stuff to be improved ... Tongue

In front of all I don´t like the deformations over the wheel arches of the front wheels. There´s often happening a problem with deformations of logos there, but it´s possible to correct this stuff, even if it´s a lot of work and experimenting around. The best example for this bug is the recaro logo at your Falken skin ... Wink

I´m also thinking that you should correct the logos at the side skirts of the car a little bit. They´re looking often cutted. Much move them to a better position or reduce the side of these logos and stickers ... Smile

As last hint I want to mention that you should post some ingame screenshots with your skins. The quality in the MeshToolKit is ugly as hell and the skins are looking much better ingame. Maybe some people will download your skins after this step and I also think that ingame screenshots are a needed and important part of the presentation of a skin. But don´t hurry up and take your time with the screenshots. They have to be perfect ... Big Grin
Good work
@ Raffi_M: [Bild: smilie_frech_029.gif]
[Bild: e40591057b22d5d4e0d5aiys84.jpg]
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The Porsche Fanatic
I realy don´t understand the point that nobody accepts my mind of high quality works ... Rolleyes

And anyway, that answer to my comment in this way shows me how useless a forum in some cases is.
If you can´t accept critique which took me a realy long time to write you should just be quiet instead of posting such a childish comment including one smilie !!! Tea
I don't know the modding scene around TrackMania but unfortunately many people around the World Racing modding scene are not able to accept critics and also are not willing to read carefully.
One word that doesn't fit their own point of view and the person who criticizes is bad, stupid, arrogant and whatever.
It's really pitty and especially that a modder like you with so much skills in texturing only gets such feedback here. Another reason why modding in World Racing will die more and more, little respect, lack of interest to learn, arrogance and much more.

Even the thread author did not reply your extensive explanation.

I do understand now why we have never seen any release of thehigh quality Vinyls made by you for World Racing 2.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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Yes, at all I´m realy sorry about that, but I can´t get warm with this attitude and that´s why I don´t have the courage to upload anything here ... Sad

Maybe one day, but we´ll see and now let´s stop this discussion. I don´t want to flood another ones topic ... Wink
I am sorry for not replying, I did not see this post by you Raffi_M. Smile Please do not be offended.

I agree that the vinyls can be perfected, like you mentioned, just got to trial and error, I do wish to fine-tune them further, but time and other factors of life are stopping me. Sad Plus I have other releases on my hands, which makes it even more difficult.

Anyway, I will take your advice and put in my mind for my future releases of vinyls, a big thank you for that. Smile

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