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[WR2][CONV][WIP] Mercedes SLS Black Edition
took me a lot modeling work, but finally finished Big Grin
"took me a lot modeling work"
Sie sind ein Topmoddellierer Top Fantastische Arbeit sag ich da, weiter so.
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
new pics:
almost done Smile
Don't start working with a new cars when you haven't released any of the others... that just make the car looks bad quality.. and it seems like you're just doing as many cars as possible on short time...
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|
well, all my previous cars are finished, it's just I dont know if I am going to release them.. and secondly, I dont know how can someone work on one model for 2, 3, 5 weeks, it is too boring for me, call me inpatient or how U like but that is the point. And last, since I am a beginner, I dont know how to do some stuff yet, and I dont know what is the low quality for you?! if u are comparing me with Tom or Koce than definitely its a low quality, but for me it is good. And I must say that I don't know how to make the car filled more with details, cause when I was posted a thread about some questions on forum about some modding problems, the answers were not appropriate for one noob that doesnt know anything about that so all that I have to figured by myself. that's all.
From the pics that SLS Black looks fine but the one point the other pointed out about the releases i think if you can you should release some of your works such as the Boss302 for example that you showcase sometime ago.
And i agree that you show signals of improvements since your first work until the pics i have seen recently.
Don´t loose your cool and continue your work there are many users looking forward your cars.
[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
Don't let you be too much influenced by critics. I personally appreciate
your work. If you look around in the forum, the number of modders around
seems to get smaller and smaller as the time passes by, so finally it is cool
to have someone who creates new content for WR2.

The point of "low or high" quality still depends on each ones point of view.
Even when you can't match the quality of Tom,Koce,..., who cares. If you
don't like the quality, you don't have to download the cars.

I think there will always be people happy if they can try your cars.
So keep on going. Thumbs Up

thanks guys, am not losing my cool don't worry Wink I want to add more details to my models but when I ask for help nobody is there. sadly, but true, and I can do it by myself, cause don't know how to do that, but i will figured it out probably Smile although I must say that some models that I have used were with less details so its nothing that I can do about it.
Boss 302 comes tomorrow Wink
Well.. as i said, if you were consentrating on one car at a time, it would be relased faster.. That's what i mean.. and it's true...
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|

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