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[WR2][CONV][REL] Pagani Zonda R "Nurburgring" + Customers + Revolución
Another version of the Pagani Zonda R (converted by request): 95% from Shift 2 and few better parts from FM3 model (brake disc/caliper and seat).
Not made for AI race because only 2 vinyls: the original Nurburgring version and I painted the 2012 livery of Evolution version:
If you want the 10 original liveries I can convert them just ask.

[Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-24uml2s.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-24tyyt0.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-24tkzoa.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-25q6xx5.jpg]
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-25gmbxp.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-267cl0e.jpg]
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-27g0yog.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-27x4ylq.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-27mobpp.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-03-2417-2816zop.jpg]


first release

03.August.2014 (final version)
custom score to open so even if you choose mixed opponents for AI will be all same car like with same opponents
improved handling/performance
harder suspension
more real weight distribution
fixed steering wheel 3D position in cockpit view
new gearbox ratio

[Bild: 8VxEaJsx.jpg] [Bild: QcQPyM1i.jpg]  [Bild: uKJ5Uaya.jpg]

New version and more
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
I like this car,thx
[Bild: podpissz.jpg]
Very nice car!
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|
New conversion Project CARS which is more accurate and more detailed too so will overwrite old conversion this time made real livery was Pagani recorded the record lap  of 6:47
[Bild: PCjR31ET_t.jpg] [Bild: qyZuyL5z_t.jpg] [Bild: j9ATP3jE_t.jpg] [Bild: s8rxdAuU_t.jpg]

The Evolution livery was bonus this time can have have aero by using US plate (rims was black at Goodwood but gold in Nordschleife but maybe promotional or testing purpose with an Huayra too
[Bild: KCJ67tEX_t.jpg] [Bild: rQERqHQQ_t.jpg] [Bild: qinnVGHY_t.jpg]

Another mod with 2 cars folder which included several customers liveries with some different interior color and more

ZR00: seat, door and dash in red (Goodwood 2009)
[Bild: dbSJlWw7_t.jpg] 
ZR01: seat green/red, door and dash black
[Bild: JxmTtxIN_t.jpg]
ZR02: seat grey, door and dash black (Geneva 2009)
[Bild: Bc0tJz8G_t.jpg] 
ZR04: seat grey, door and dash black, yellow caliper
[Bild: A38Wt1jn_t.jpg] 
ZR05: seat, door and dash in red (6:47 stickers)
[Bild: bauCoHfv_t.jpg] 
ZR07: seat green/white/red, door and dash red (original was with complete stripes and also 6:47 stickers)
[Bild: LIIq9lyW_t.jpg] 
ZR10: seat, door and dash in red with longer stripes on hood
[Bild: to2wsHcb_t.jpg] 
ZR12: seat grey, door and dash black with longer stripes on hood
[Bild: TFsxhFAq_t.jpg] 
ZR11 is also standalone version because of full gloss carbon fiber impossible to use same 3D also stripes are silver like calipers, rims black and seat grey, door and dash black
[Bild: bD057U5L_t.jpg]

And cherry on the cake: 4 Revolución version

1 of 5: single carbon color, black rims with yellow touch, read interior, matte metal
[Bild: v07Gn9d6_t.jpg] [Bild: IBra4Kfw_t.jpg] [Bild: FALtG2qf_t.jpg] [Bild: 9XkUxTm7_t.jpg] 
3 of 5: "Black Minion" silver and black carbon, red fuel cap, white under rear light, gold rims, Italian flag seat color, black leather with red stitching and dark grey matte metal
[Bild: ctPULC8y_t.jpg] [Bild: msrJZXnm_t.jpg] [Bild: ziJbmIq5_t.jpg] [Bild: YLxrYqKz_t.jpg] 
4 of 5: not sure if really number 4 but bonus so violet and black carbon, violet calipers, blue under rear light, gold rims, full blue leather with white stitching on steering wheel and seat, gloss metal
[Bild: ugUi6Loq_t.jpg] [Bild: nkAY82pR_t.jpg] [Bild: RdJ9T64m_t.jpg] [Bild: X0OXXNRV_t.jpg] 
5 of 5: "Blue Carbon" displayed at Geneva in 2014 blue and black carbon with some blue touch, blue calipers, blue seat, black leather with blue stitching, bright and dark matte metal with blue touch
[Bild: 62PTdsGu_t.jpg] [Bild: QqtFuXop_t.jpg] [Bild: Amv08YRE_t.jpg] [Bild: CT2dfMZv_t.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
[quote pid='207320' dateline='1545667584']
The attention to details is just surreal!!!
Thank you

Im gonna say again well done Applause

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