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Tutorial WR2. It's time to create one.
Looking at the desire of many to learn and full conversion to WR2 modding, there is the need for detailed, full tutorial. In which could be phased in, with pictures, videos, detailed step-by-step, from the beginning, would be described creating a car for WR2.
Beginners who have never engaged in 3D modeling, but has a great desire, sometimes very hard.

We've got a forum there are tutorials, but they do not provide all the answers beginners. Many pictures removed, it should be corrected.

Need a tutorial, wherever detailed the handling of materials, textures, light settings, sound, etc.. In general, with a detailed explanation of what to do. And why so, but not on another.

I too am a beginner and I would it really helped.

Here on the forum, a lot of professionals who have achieved great success in the modding.
And they could create the best, complete and easy tutorial. That can be download, and guided them to learn how to create a perfect upscale cars for WR2.

I appeal to you, our professionals.
I understand that everyone is busy, at all the projects that are not finished works. But I hope that, together, you still find time to create this tutorial.

Thanks. Sincerely Mr. Levern.
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A tutorial for converting will be great , but we aren´t all made for modding...
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I have written a convert tutorial on my forum, just needs a translation, if that would be helpful I can post it here too. Most converters use Lightwave and Deep Exploration to convert, but I have used good old ZModeler, seems easier to me.
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It`s time for Search !!

ZModeller 2.2.5 (to day 2.6)
Blender 2.63a (64 BIT) or Blender 2.63a (32 BIT)
MTkit 2.3.5
PTX Tool 2.1 and Paintprogramms

Forzamodel`s to WR2

a lot succeed
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(14.04.2013, 10:12)groaperomania schrieb: A tutorial for converting will be great , but we aren´t all made for modding...

Enough to explain the important elements to focus on them. Much intuitive. And the tutorial will not be much longer, any other tutorials.

The fact that it is not done for the WR2, saying it makes no sense.
What else is done, the tools of technology. This can be explained by a separate appendix. Issued later

baartlomiej, of course, it would be helpful.

By the way, the signature: "I hadn't known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet." That's exactly right! ApplauseSmile

Steinmetz Omi Thumbs Up

Thanks to all that is actively taking part!Thumbs Up
Be sure to evaluate and comment! Do not forget to show respect to the authors!
Totally agree, it would be very helpful for "fresh" modders Smile
I have different friends who are interested but they don't even know how to start from
Automotive Gaming,thanks, yes, this is necessary. Many due to the complexity of some of this activity, even with a great desire to drop out. All the same, it is not easy to master from scratch modding. Even converting cars, the process is not simple, though seeming at first glance is not difficult, not to mention the 3d modeling.
On the questions asked by budding modders, it becomes clear that the lessons that abound online, more designed for people who have some experience in modding, 3D modeling. And who understand and know some of the nuances that newcomers are not available, due to lack of experience. There are of course exceptions, some lesson and video tutorials are very good, which is very pleasing.
Many thanks to the authors of these lessons.
Must describe in great detail the learning process, from beginning to end, with an explanation is not visible on the surface elements of the process.

I do not like that some talented people throw on the floor the way, due to lack of understanding of certain aspects of the moments! I do not want them to give up! I want everyone who has the desire, could prove himself! And that they did not go through the arduous, which already passed many!

Those who through trial and error, has reached a high level of skill, knowing all the "pitfalls", can create a tutorial that will help wishing to learn WR2 modding.
Be sure to evaluate and comment! Do not forget to show respect to the authors!
A Tutorial take a lot of time to write, especially if you have to do it in english which for most modders isn´t the native language. And after writing a tutorial the author often has to offer support to users.
I would prefere a system where newbie modders open a Thread with their first basic conversion, and people offer support and step-by-step advices. Kind of like the "Fakeschule" which had great success.
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Maybe I understand the idea of this thread wrong, but looking into the Tutorials section already offers a lot (not all you might look for) tutorials, which explains step by step, how to model or convert cars for WR2.
Id did a 'quick look' and found as example this Tutorial: Autos von GTA:SA ---> WR2 / Cars from GTA:SA ---> WR2
In addition to freddydaimlers comment I suggest to look into the Support area, where are also a lot of helpful threads.

However, a big problem is very often a bad written question and a wrong topic title. People blame others when they do not get help but are not able to write in a way their questions are at least understandable and they also say "thank you" after a reply.

Wrapping all existing information in a big tutorial would of course help many interested people. So, will you do this, Mr. Levern?

Bis denne, Han Solo
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That's right writing a tutorial is a big challenge to beat! I remembered when I posted mine on old TXpro site about converting Dirt2 cars by using 3DripperDX and remapp the model in 3D Max, it was before 3D Simed got its own filter to open models from Dirt2. There were several questions about some functions in 3D max so I think that newbie before trying their first time, they should meet and research programs they decided to work with, it will help to avoid questions like "where I can find this function??" or "how to mark something" which I has such question about 3d max, a guy didn't know how to mark a mesh.
So people, first: Learn how to use a software then, try your luck with converting.
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