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Tutorial WR2. It's time to create one.
freddydaimler, as you say, it would be enough in English.

Han Solo, if I have the necessary knowledge and experience, I would not have created this topic. I just would have done this tutorial.
And of course you're right, the forum a lot of useful information and a lot of tutorials. But some need to get in order to recover deleted pictures, add the information that the authors were given in response to the comments. Not comfortable turning the pages, because of a couple of answers that can be placed directly in the lessons themselves, tutorials.

And it still does not preclude the creation, merger, autonomous tutorials which can be used without going to the internet. This is an additional convenience.

matt55, at the expense of knowledge on, I agree completely. But I'm not saying to put in a tutorials all curriculum work in 3D editors and other programs. But some of the aspects to be covered, those which are important in modeling and converting to WR2.
Be sure to evaluate and comment! Do not forget to show respect to the authors!
I've searched for a Complete EditCar tutorial around google, but nothing.
I would like to know everything about Krom EditCar, every value option Smile
Because when i search i can only find how to do this, how to do that...
But i would know how to do everything with the tool! Smile

As others said before, if there's a tutorial that covers every eventuality that can occur,
it would be a 100 pages tut.

And exactly what A.G. above describes can be shown by another good example:

Try to add traffic car and configure it's behavior.

In fact, that's no hard job, easy to learn and to do, but
you read through 10 different threads and become more and more confused.
One info here, the other there,
some info in threads that have got nothing to do with traffic cars,
help function leading to nowhere but nirwana,

Just try to look it up yourself, it's crazy!
And at the end there's another new thread saying "Help needed with traffic" and some more or less helpful hints.

What would be very helpful for rookies would be a kind of
"table of contents" of the Tutorial section, because many of the thread titles over there are stupid.

What about making some, let's say five stickied, locked threads without infos, just links?
(the good sort of links that really help, of course, not just a collection of everything related! Senior members know what I mean!)
Moderated by our moderators, proposals by modders?

One for making cars 3d,
one for lights, parts, vinyls
one for Editcar-related,
one for traffic
one for scenery...
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