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[WR2|CONV|REL] Dodge Challenger (Third gen.) PACK v1.0
2006 Dodge Challenger Concept
[Bild: challengerconcept06f.jpg]
[Bild: challengerconcept06e.jpg]
[Bild: challengerconcept06a.jpg]
2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8
[Bild: challengersrt8f.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt8e.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt8a.jpg]
2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392
[Bild: challengersrt8392b.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt8392c.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt8392a.jpg]
2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept
[Bild: challengersrt10e.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt10c.jpg]
[Bild: challengersrt10a.jpg]

version: 1.0

This car is made by: Turn10studios
Converted and edited by: TomWin
Lights and SRT10 Concept wheels are made by: Stew2000

  • - Accurate 3D model
    - realistic lights
    - Score to Open:
    • -3337 (SRT8)
      -3386 (Concept)
      -3480 (SRT8 392)
      -3727 (SRT10 Concept)
    - factory colours
    - performance is close to real
    - MenuClassID: 225 (Mercedes-Benz)
    - dash view
    - soundID:
    • -482 (Concept, SRT8 & SRT8 392)
      -202 (SRT10 Concept - Viper engine sound)
    - vinyls (SRT8 392)
    - include version with or without US front licence plate

Thanks to:
- Turn10studios: for create a great model
- Stew2000: for create SRT10 Concept wheels, realistic lights and beta test
- Krom: for great tools Smile

!!!It is forbidden to modify any files or host this Add-on car in any other website without my or the author's permission!!!
The model, skin and other files are for private use only
Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners

DOWNLOAD - 4shared
DOWNLOAD - Dropbox
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
They're looking good so far on the Pictures! I'll test them as soon as possible.

(10.05.2013, 14:36)TomWin schrieb:
- MenuClassID: 225 (Mercedes-Benz)

Really? :p
[Bild: games.reveur_sig_019ozpoe.jpg]
Genitiv ins Wasser, weil's Dativ ist! [Hans Sigl]
Bäck tu se Bäsicks! [Thomas Maurer]
menu classes: 200

forgot to change that, but i doubt is important
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Verycool! @TomWin: your signature is not working Tongue
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|
It's great pack.For me normal srt8 is best looking.

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