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[WR2][CONV][REL] Rally Mod: cars and stages
More FWD rally car the famous Kit Car but only 5 2000cc version also better handling on asphalt (similar to S2000 time) than gravel (between S2000 and S1600 time) but also similar performance.

[Bild: yVMn2NEM.png]

Peugeot 306 Maxi 1997
[Bild: GT5fUbwe.jpg]

Citroën Xsara Kit Car 1998
[Bild: NaLvcdLX.jpg]

SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2 1998
[Bild: nlF03j5M.jpg]

Škoda Octavia Kit Car 1998
[Bild: llt0r72H.jpg]

Vauxhall/Opel Astra Kit Car 1999
[Bild: rAmJvd9Q.jpg]
[Bild: isYlWFKk.jpg]

F2/Kit Car:

Update is planned later for car converted from WRC game like less bright rims, brighter WRC windows, generic rally plate and driver head texture for the 2011+ car (head 3D is generic unlike 2010 which was specific to each driver) maybe better arms animation in cockpit so the archive will be updated when done. (Group A archive already updated because just editcar changed)

For now just editcar updated (not yet Group B because new version soon) so for all cars torque efficiency set to 85% because drivers mass is not included in editcar so should increase mass to 160kg (if I used 110% for WRC because was too slow compared to S2000 I was wrong I made same time with reduced torque efficiency so seems even improved handling and much better driving on asphalt)
-WRC 2010 engine graph reworked with flat power graph similar to Group A and weight distribution changed to 55:45 instead 52:48
-WRC 2011+ engine graph reworked too with higher rev limit near 7k and weight distribution changed to 55:45 instead 52:48
-SWRC now should slide more on gravel and weight distribution changed to 55:45 instead 54:46
-JRWC/WRC3 new gearbox ratio (same as kit car) and weight distribution changed to 65:35 instead 60:40 to improve gravel handling (S1600 mass changed to 950kg to have same power-to-weight ratio as R3 and R2 tire grip reduced because was a bit too fast comparer to R3)

Also reworked menu position from older to recent and name now begins by championship then year then car name with class if officially included (because can have different classes in same championship like the Lancer Evo 4-5-6 was not World Rally Car but Group A...)
100 Group 4 1970-1981 (WRC 1970 No car yet)
200 Group B 1982-1986 (WRC 1986 Lancia Delta S4)
300 Group A 1987-1996 (WRC 1992 Lancia Delta HF integrale)
400 F2/Kit Car 1995-1999 (2-Litre WC 1998 SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2)
500-600 World Rally Car/Group A 1997-2016 (WRC 2010 Ford Focus RS WRC 09 or WRC 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI)
700 S2000/R5 (SWRC 2010 Skoda Fabia S2000)
800 S1600/R3/R2 (JWRC 2010 Suzuki Swift S1600 or WRC-3 2013 Citroën DS3 R3T)

Some time done without Group B

Pirka Menoko (6.920 km)
4:47.01 (86.80 |  gap ) Citroën C4 WRC
4:48.30 (86.41 | +0.39) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
4:55.83 (84.21 | +2.59) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
5:01.01 (82.76 | +4.04) Skoda Fabia S2000
5:06.27 (81.34 | +5.46) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
5:12.20 (79.80 | +7.00) Citroën DS3 R3T
5:13.31 (79.51 | +7.29) Renault Clio R3
5:14.39 (79.24 | +7.56) Suzuki Swift S1600
5:24.62 (76.74 | +10.06) Ford Fiesta R2

Bisanne (5.848 km)
3:50.89 (91.18 |  gap ) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
3:51.59 (90.91 | +0.27) Citroën C4 WRC
3:56.18 (89.14 | +2.04) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
4:02.27 (86.90 | +4.28) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
4:03.10 (86.60 | +4.58) Skoda Fabia S2000
4:10.39 (84.08 | +7.10) Citroën DS3 R3T
4:12.76 (83.29 | +7.89) Suzuki Swift S1600
4:13.37 (83.09 | +8.09) Renault Clio R3
4:25.00 (79.44 | +11.74) Ford Fiesta R2
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
After small editcar tweak much more things improved than was I thought so car looks better and I hope better handling...

Need make fresh installation of WRC 2011-2013 because too much liveries to rework so only done first the most important the others will be available in later date and even WRC-2 2013 mod soon

Approximately what is improved also screens comparison added with links:
-Generic rally plate added with better livery color (saturation and contrast if needed sometime more brightness) some livery fix too when needed
-New 'scratch' 3D rims (8 OZ Racing, 1 ATS and 1 Speedline) with better material (was too bright) but the WRC 2010 still use Dirt rims model also fixed wrong tire Pirelli used for SWRC/WRC 2010 cars also used 2011 tire 3D which has better shape and mapping
-New arms position in cockpit to have better animation instead use original driver position which make arms like Mister Fantastic
-New dirt mask so now dirt will appears more on side and back of car and not anymore at front because nobody drive in front of you
-Fiesta WRC and S2000 use Focus WRC roof scoop which is more accurate (size and shape) also the S2000 use R2 version too (so 2 version) also smoothing fix on fenders and scaling because too short length and WRC accuracy improved but still not the most accurate model
-Different driver face texture for WRC3 2013 and WRC 2011-2013 was already done for SWRC 2011-2012
-Fiesta S2000 and Fabia S2000 don't have front doors lexan on 2010
version but only for 2011 version
-Fabia S2000 new headlight texture and bigger in-game headlight also fixed wheel position especially front with was very close to bumper
-Focus WRC smoothing fix on rear bumper
-WRC cars have now brighter windows and C4/DS3 WRC more real banner
-Mini WRC use now 2 mirrors also 2013 model use new default livery and scaling to have same size as 2011 model
-WRC 2011 many smoothing fix
-DS3 WRC has now proper plastic 3D around doors so can have own material now (was attached to body before) and Solberg livery chrome added.
-Fabia S2000 and Mini WRC have proper plastic around windows only the black part has reflection
-Punto S2000 scaling too big size
-Clio R3 scaling too small size
-Impreza WRC scaling too big size
-Fiesta R2 too small size like WRC and S2000 also fixed wheel size which was too big

JWRC 2010
[Bild: EfpbaBcB_t.jpg] [Bild: EfIcH9CK_t.jpg] [Bild: kqGc4t8E_t.jpg] [Bild: vDMBCXVI_t.jpg] [Bild: Ywdv9Ce9_t.jpg] [Bild: ypCTzckF_t.jpg] [Bild: AaHkv2Nu_t.jpg] [Bild: 6CNc5jkb_t.jpg] [Bild: m1TkwdtJ_t.jpg] [Bild: hMBbsOmP_t.jpg]

SWRC 2010-2012
[Bild: 7cAOkveA_t.jpg] [Bild: Kzx1ocay_t.jpg] [Bild: BwaLy9At_t.jpg] [Bild: kB2YcZA5_t.jpg] [Bild: G7RtrscV_t.jpg] [Bild: kbNVYcpW_t.jpg] [Bild: yXwOIs3c_t.jpg] [Bild: BLhiDGRR_t.jpg]

WRC-3 2013
[Bild: mWAd7Fob_t.jpg] [Bild: JcVYKCoN_t.jpg]

WRC 2010
[Bild: z6z3czLx_t.jpg] [Bild: K8SUtdMy_t.jpg] [Bild: W432EE2j_t.jpg] [Bild: fE1EqZ0x_t.jpg] [Bild: P636ZCgG_t.jpg] [Bild: 1Vbve87i_t.jpg]

WRC 2011-2013
[Bild: GUf0aA4T_t.jpg] [Bild: 1Vl62dv8_t.jpg] [Bild: FlkOuS4u_t.jpg] [Bild: gKW5sVVw_t.jpg] [Bild: udguQBe2_t.jpg] [Bild: SEw4Z3pa_t.jpg] [Bild: Xug7y6fb_t.jpg] [Bild: tP5gSIcv_t.jpg]

Mini 2013
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Small fix for SWRC Fabia and Fiesta noticed those error while doing WRC-2 mod

2010-2011 banner windows transparency (not all) + front light glass + rear light 3D/texture
2011 front bumper smoothing + quick release mapping
[Bild: MlGak3Hg_t.jpg] [Bild: vAI4OOyC_t.jpg]

2010-2011 emblem plastic + mirror chrome + quick release bonnet
2011 2nd helmet driver position
[Bild: wl1oUFLD_t.jpg] [Bild: lkKCNNh0_t.jpg]

So now about WRC-2013 mod:

Only included the fastest cars S2000/RRC (Proton not included because same as 2012) the slower Group N are not converted maybe more interesting when was in own championship PWRC 2010-2012 if someone want them (performance seems closer to the S1600 than S2000)

One more Fiesta version but in original game they used S2000 as RRC so I have modified 3D based on S2000 with WRC parts (rear fenders, mirrors and bumpers) and made 3D grill of bumper because this part is unique to RRC version then was needed to rework liveries.
[Bild: EieUamCa_o.jpg]

One more Fabia this time new headlight but again needed to it myself because only texture changed in original game also front grill chrome in now painted on hood and plastic on front bumper (the Skydive Dubai should use old model but included with this version)
[Bild: NMBG9Aub_o.jpg]

DS3 RRC just rear wing changed and chrome on livery added
[Bild: WLt8xfRM_o.jpg]

Mini S2000 more things changed: rear wing, hood, front bumper, mirrors and roof scoop
[Bild: 2s6pQkRE_o.jpg]

And new cockpit 3D for Fabia and new steering wheel also for Fiesta and DS3 (Mini use same steering wheel as WRC just JCW emblem removed from cockpit texture)
[Bild: dYU2zklH_t.jpg] [Bild: 8Zu3wkbU_t.jpg] [Bild: ooCorsrn_t.jpg] [Bild: lrK4K46M_t.jpg]

And about performance the 1.6T (DS3, Fiesta and Mini) have more torque than S2000 (Fabia) but lower revs so both version use same physics and have same performance (the 1.6T seems better on slow hairpin but did not made faster time than S2000)

[Bild: PEtlbEDB_o.png]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Group B new version is more than update so need remove old version because of new vinyls name. (size increased)

What's new?

Physics reworked a bit with torque efficiency set to 85% also less tire grip for 4WD (1.30) and more for RWD (1.40) otherwise too slow also some values are maybe unreal but was needed to adjust weight or torque of both 205 to have better hierarchy and with only 5 gears the S1 E2 handle better.

More liveries painted with new generics rally plate also the ERC use now own number on black plate (blue for WRC)

All cars have working suspension also reworked dirt.

The cars from WRC game use now more Dirt part for better damage parts and interior too (obviously except BX)

The arms in cockpit view is improved should make better animation

New cars: Audi quattro A2, Lancia Rally 037 and Peugeot 205 T16

Citröen BX is improved like the back of car, skirt, new rims, more real interior also with cockpit view.

Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 is new model from Dirt but added some missing things like roof antenna, trunk top grills... the rims are made by MrZasen (same as A2 but uncovered) based on Monte-Carlo 1986 (seems was used for snow)

Peugeot 205 T16 E2 new model from Dirt too because much more accurate also 'E1' is based on it (different front/rear bumper, skirt, trunk, windows, rims, engine and interior) but the hood was wrong for fixed it

Ford RS200 proper from bumper design and new rims

Lancia Delta S4 improved accuracy of front fenders and roof also made proper front rims

Renault Maxi 5 Turbo scaled it was too big also 'Gotti' rims of Auriol made by MzZasen too

MG Metro 6R4 + Opel Manta 400 use now upgraded 3D of Dirt 4 and for Audi Sport quattro S1 use the Dirt Rally model instead Dirt 3

Lancia Rally 037 only rims was needed to made properly

Audi quattro A2 added manual chamfer to have proper smoothing and looks-like cockpit based on Sport quattro 3D model)

[Bild: 2wnvJpqN_o.png]

[Bild: Wt9Ti4n9_o.jpg]
[Bild: uF3DXuQr_o.jpg]
[Bild: E1PQJlPG_o.jpg]
[Bild: XxxJyJx4_o.jpg]
[Bild: IkSjThAX_o.jpg]
[Bild: 7ZUH9omA_o.jpg]

Also updated leaderboard but done each time for Group B because of very different performance and you can see the RWD are not good on gravel but a bit better in asphalt just Manta is always the slowest

Pirka Menoko (6.920 km)
4:47.01 (86.80 |  gap ) Citroën C4 WRC
4:48.30 (86.41 | +0.39) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
4:55.83 (84.21 | +2.59) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
4:56.90 (83.91 | +2.89) Lancia Delta S4
5:01.01 (82.76 | +4.04) Skoda Fabia S2000
5:06.27 (81.34 | +5.46) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
5:12.20 (79.80 | +7.00) Citroën DS3 R3T
5:13.31 (79.51 | +7.29) Renault Clio R3
5:14.39 (79.24 | +7.56) Suzuki Swift S1600
5:24.62 (76.74 | +10.06) Ford Fiesta R2

4:56.00 (84.16) Peugeot 205 T16 E2
4:56.90 (83.91) Lancia Delta S4
4:56.86 (83.92) Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
4:57.68 (83.69) Ford RS200
4:58.86 (83.36) MG Metro 6R4
4:59.64 (83.14) Peugeot 205 T16
5:00.98 (82.77) Audi Sport quattro S1
5:05.57 (81.53) Audi quattro A2
5:07.43 (81.03) Citroën BX 4TC
5:12.58 (79.70) Lancia 037 Rally
5:13.06 (79.58) Renault Maxi 5 Turbo
5:25.54 (76.53) Opel Manta 400

Bisanne (5.848 km)
3:50.89 (91.18 |  gap ) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
3:51.59 (90.91 | +0.27) Citroën C4 WRC
3:56.18 (89.14 | +2.04) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
3:56.86 (88.88 | +2.30) Lancia Delta S4
4:02.27 (86.90 | +4.28) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
4:03.10 (86.60 | +4.58) Skoda Fabia S2000
4:10.39 (84.08 | +7.10) Citroën DS3 R3T
4:12.76 (83.29 | +7.89) Suzuki Swift S1600
4:13.37 (83.09 | +8.09) Renault Clio R3
4:25.00 (79.44 | +11.74) Ford Fiesta R2

3:56.20 (89.13) Peugeot 205 T16 E2
3:56.86 (88.88) Lancia Delta S4
3:57.63 (88.59) Ford RS200
3:57.71 (88.57) Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
3:57.84 (88.52) Renault Maxi 5 Turbo
3:59.86 (87.77) Audi Sport quattro S1
4:00.10 (87.68) Peugeot 205 T16
4:00.31 (87.61) MG Metro 6R4
4:01.32 (87.24) Lancia 037 Rally
4:03.58 (86.43) Audi quattro A2
4:04.06 (86.26) Citroën BX 4TC
4:09.31 (84.44) Opel Manta 400
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Again very nice work.
What a great cars, so sad the group B was that short-lived.
Good thing they can live on in WR2... and keep wr2 alive too Big Grin

Respect for the constant proceding and correcting attitude you have.
Some make their cars, upload them and then leave everything like it is (incl. mistakes).
Others keep making their cars better, but think they'll never be good enough for an upload.
Your way looks like a good way. Love the details btw!

Greetings, Jhonny Black
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...
Was planned to convert them in later date but didn't knew would take so much time to convert more rally car so that cover more areas of WRC because Group 4 was first car to run WRC in 1973 until replaced by Group B...

Also first idea was to use same physics but finally some car was too fast even faster than Manta 400 which is the slowest Group B car so the rear and mid engine car has less tire grip to slow down them so seems any car can win on asphalt but on gravel the front engine car are a bit slower.

The cars have same kind of suspension animation as Group B but can't have live axle without bug so modified to independent suspension animation and for the first time added camber but no more than -2°

[Bild: sH0oSRFf_o.png]

Alpine A110 1800 1973
[Bild: BkAH840K_o.jpg]

Fiat 131 Abarth 1977
[Bild: APwmML1x_o.jpg]

Ford Escort RS1800 1977
[Bild: dUJGfyHi_o.jpg]

Lancia Stratos HF 1977
[Bild: uS6cY8PJ_o.jpg]

Opel Ascona 400 1980
[Bild: bQkPNL1j_o.jpg]

Renault 5 Turbo 'Cévennes' 1981
[Bild: Y46NThP2_o.jpg]

Updated leaderboard:

Pirka Menoko (6.920 km)
4:47.01 (86.80 |  gap ) Citroën C4 WRC
4:48.30 (86.41 | +0.39) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
4:55.83 (84.21 | +2.59) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
4:56.00 (84.16 | +2.64) Peugeot 205 T16 E2
5:01.01 (82.76 | +4.04) Skoda Fabia S2000
5:06.27 (81.34 | +5.46) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
5:12.20 (79.80 | +7.00) Citroën DS3 R3T
5:12.58 (79.70 | +7.10) Lancia 037 Rally
5:13.31 (79.51 | +7.29) Renault Clio R3
5:14.39 (79.24 | +7.56) Suzuki Swift S1600
5:24.62 (76.74 | +10.06) Ford Fiesta R2
5:32.49 (74.93 | +11.87) Alpine A110 1800

5:32.49 (74.93) Alpine A110 1800
5:32.83 (74.85) Lancia Stratos HF
5:33.68 (74.66) Renault 5 Turbo 'Cévennes'
5:36.04 (74.13) Fiat 131 Abarth
5:36.38 (74.06) Opel Ascona 400
5:36.82 (73.96) Ford Escort RS1800

Bisanne (5.848 km)
3:50.89 (91.18 |  gap ) Ford Fiesta RS WRC
3:51.59 (90.91 | +0.27) Citroën C4 WRC
3:56.18 (89.14 | +2.04) Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
3:56.20 (89.13 | +2.05) Peugeot 205 T16 E2
4:01.32 (87.24 | +3.94) Lancia 037 Rally
4:02.27 (86.90 | +4.28) SEAT Ibiza Kit Car Evo2
4:03.10 (86.60 | +4.58) Skoda Fabia S2000
4:10.39 (84.08 | +7.10) Citroën DS3 R3T
4:12.76 (83.29 | +7.89) Suzuki Swift S1600
4:13.37 (83.09 | +8.09) Renault Clio R3
4:17.07 (81.90 | +9.28) Alpine A110 1800
4:25.00 (79.44 | +11.74) Ford Fiesta R2

4:16.64 (82.03) Renault 5 Turbo 'Cévennes'
4:16.89 (81.95) Lancia Stratos HF
4:17.05 (81.90) Ford Escort RS1800
4:17.07 (81.90) Alpine A110 1800
4:17.75 (81.68) Opel Ascona 400
4:17.96 (81.61) Fiat 131 Abarth

Edit 25.02.2018: fixed A110 steering animation of front rims + R5 missing reverse light added
[Bild: K5NW3BlC_o.png]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Good news I was wrong with huge use of Ninja Ripper was able to convert them all (not planned reverse) but also maybe even better news the previous stages converted are also improved again:

This time better grass transparency looking like some tree with few leaves but make some opacity bug with that transparency especially with orange fence if grass behind which looks be in front.

Also now banners, triangle red, rally sign and street sign are dynamic so you can hit them without be blocked because you cut too much corner.

Real sun position set to 13h using location and date and with vegetation separated in different material can exclude grass to shadows calculating to avoid stkit 'integer overflow' error but because of 'dynamic' lighting the trees can looks weird (opposite face of sun are dark)

Pirelli International Rally, Gateshead, England (Gravel, April 2003)
Harwood Forest (6.297 km)
[Bild: COnjJG1R_t.jpg]
Falstone (6.737 km)
[Bild: dKi6M0vv_t.jpg]
Chirdonhead (7.227 km)
[Bild: kOiQ4XZK_t.jpg]
Shepherds Shield (5.050 km)
[Bild: M9kqLFhz_t.jpg]

Rally Hokkaido, Japan (Gravel, September 2003)
Noiker (11.442 km)
[Bild: 11ubdmQW_t.jpg]
Sipirkakim (8.994 km)
[Bild: oBMDiJcJ_t.jpg]
Pirka Menoko (6.920 km)
[Bild: ZCLpd34S_t.jpg]
Tanner (4.216 km)
[Bild: ZFBbLpyo_t.jpg]

Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi, Finland (Snow, January 2003)
Kaihuavaara (6.407 km)
[Bild: TNw2E0Gg_t.jpg]
Mustaselka (8.200 km)
[Bild: ru0zJ61Z_t.jpg]
Sikakama (10.453 km)
[Bild: oTGsz5hG_t.jpg]
Autiovaara (6.389 km)
[Bild: TlczjN4B_t.jpg]

Ramada Express International Rally, Laughlin, Nevada, USA (Gravel, September 2003)
Fraizer Wells (5.244 km)
[Bild: 9Yr79MBZ_t.jpg]
Prospect Ridge (8.099 km)
[Bild: Idd3cdHy_t.jpg]
Diamond Creek (7.325 km)
[Bild: 6XKyHM7S_t.jpg]
Hualapai Nation (8.902 km)
[Bild: TJOHZ5FX_t.jpg]

Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine, France (Asphalt, September 2003)
Cote D'Arbroz (4.784 km)
[Bild: 2gwoo5Ny_t.jpg]
Joux Verte (8.075 km)
[Bild: eBMNNlcb_t.jpg]
Bisanne (5.848 km)
[Bild: nRovAIOP_t.jpg]
Joux Plane (10.924 km)
[Bild: YT9R0p5A_t.jpg]

Subaru Rally of Canberra, Australia (Gravel, April 2003)
NewBobs (10.382 km)
[Bild: fssAjuUf_t.jpg]
Greenhills (6.249 km)
[Bild: ZOSfxf1z_t.jpg]
Mineshaft (8.330 km)
[Bild: LHIZsfvV_t.jpg]
East-West (9.830 km)
[Bild: ODWPIeOY_t.jpg]

Still only V1 which is enough for offline but if want use them for online use don't forgot to make V2 and V3 so around 2GB needed
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Maybe you noticed hole on road in Hualapai Nation which was spotted before release but seems I forgot to re-import it also if you don't like the low sky position at end I also changed map altitude to -200m so like that sky is higher (the full archive is updated) (only new files of V1)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Already had a lot of fun with the previous version of these rally-tracks. Awesome to hear they are improved and new ones where added!
Some of them are also nice for cruising (when not in the mood for a fast Rally stage) and the French ones can easily be done even with regular roadcars.

Nice to see these improvements for WR2 keep comming, even if it's getting an old game, still a lot of funn with add-ons like these!

Greetings, Jhonny Black
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...
Damn adam,

didnt know that u went on with modding like that.

I hope i find some time to install wr2 and test u stuff.

with so many mods u did we net a batch download, all in one Big Grin

looks really nice man!
[Bild: outtaspacers_signatur.jpg]
Ein Computerspiel ist wie ein Steak - wenn mans blutig will, nimmt mans englisch!
Die grösste Unzulänglichkeit der menschlichen Rasse ist die Unfähigkeit, die exponentielle Funktion zu Verstehen.
D. Albet Bartlett

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