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[WR2][REL][CONV] Dareks's garage
If you are not going to make more mods, could you please make some kind of tutorial (not the right word) showing how you made your cars? Of course you may keep it to you as you lock the editcars.

Your work is really good. Personaly I consider you as one of the best guys at editcar editing (if not the best) as your cars are very close to the real ones.

From what I see from the others, everybody here like your work.

I hope to see more from you, even if ocasionaly.

[Bild: fc1njm.png]
Hi again. Its harder than me. I cannot stop making new cars Smile

New cars below.

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]
[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]
(25.10.2015, 20:06)Dareks12345 schrieb: Hi again. Its harder than me. I cannot stop making new cars Smile

Yey! Dancing
Nice to know that. I like the styling of that Toyota. Are you going to share those cars or are they for personal use?
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no. Espacially when those cars are made for my crew. R34 is mine but I will remake of it. Toyota is for one friend from the crew, it has a lot better vinyl as you see( propably will be remaked). I didn't answered the rest of crew but I think they will want private car in that style...
One car takes me about 7-8 of work with mapping and testing.
Nice cars there and welcome back dear!!! Smile
Hello ^^
[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]
Is it ready or WIP?
It's ready for release but not now Smile
don't give up Dareks! There are still people playing WR2 :-) w Polsce też Big Grin

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!qI5B1QSS!eYInv50iV_Kjt...4XjqnFKoM4

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!nVh3RQwK!G6LmKd04gq0F3...JyCK52TJwg

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!uEgEmCba!DZhZvEjVNoOK-...N9U_gwLJXk

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!GNhHRSoC!3vzhmDx4aApVN...wcFoIQzM60

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!GVYyEbhY!dtq4yP7-7heTL...5kbWp8HWg4

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!yEZUhJTQ!Gdbbg9ehxFXDD...e2hKsv15yc

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!eQRHHbhb!EsXHv0MIQFCA5...S0bwxTfTww

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!7QQjSKjC!w-xJQqOSm07-r...l9oWNau1zo

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!vAJWjS5S!itT-Hk8Y1B4lx...ddnprFMVwQ

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!iEB1GRRD!o1_CtA5MnYuZq...Pz1jK4tbEU

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!KRYASJbI!sbbRfcfqPG1sA...SS3UVdDn6Q

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!SQAC3YIL!UTbYuEWZACKpw...owLUaqQbFs

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!WVpwDRiR!KgydEoImTaVUY...DleLcEE-vw

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!PEgXCYjS!wpudMGl4VIT99...U9iuhCxhts

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!GV51VajI!oIg8IrK08g3lH...k5A2pDvcb0

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!eEhWFBCA!vBa6qmiJS24O8...jODnhllH7s

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!nI5k0axT!wKITjcLHMVwvz...0nUDAGuIkc

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!iUYklCzL!5YU6xile3oyAG...XUgmmm6mww

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!6dA3CTiZ!8BhTYUNKQUzxT...w6739fI9mY

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!3Qgz0RJA!xxR0ASJaZHu0Q...hZFQxJwt9M

[Bild: zdjecie.jpg]!WNIUjAjC!vby1ySHxBOqZl...ooeB2gSwxM

I hope you like it Big Grin

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