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[WR2|CONV|REL] Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition
Since there's already a normal LFA in the downloads section, I decided to make the more advanced version of the LFA, the LFA NürburgringTongue
[Bild: iSCKcYjRih4Cc.jpg]
[Bild: i19kozXWDaV3C.jpg]
[Bild: iKznbD7VWZ1EP.jpg]
[Bild: iyHvLfdttzhO1.jpg]
[Bild: ib0J7oPxrdY26h.jpg]
[Bild: i0mG8tC5IJmRv.jpg]
[Bild: iby9qhEU8ecwCT.jpg]

Thanks to:
Jorgemodek: for the exhaust sounds
Turn10 Studio: for Forza Horizon model and engine sounds
EA, Atari, and some textures
Krom: for his tools
Me: for converting to WR2 Tongue

WR2 Specs:
Race Class: 221
Menu Class: 254(Lexus)
Sound ID: 553
Points: 999

The exhaust(m_ap) sounds are made by Jorgemodek, so you can't modify or post them without his permission.
The rest of the mod is open and allow everyone to modify.

Edit: I updated the sound(fixed the loop issue, thanks to AG), please put it in the Motoren2 folder, thanks Smile
[Bild: 13814186704_2fa4cc67c2_o.jpg]
Great work, car is drifty and very fun to drive Wink
The download link give me corrupt file to download 156kb.
You're right Koce. I've problems with the download, too.
[Bild: e40591057b22d5d4e0d5aiys84.jpg]
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The Porsche Fanatic
This car is very good!
I specially like the interior.
Thanks Johnson mate... Smile
(10.02.2014, 17:22)koce schrieb: The download link give me corrupt file to download 156kb.
Here it is. I don't use direct link this time.
Note: The sound update has included in this package.
[Bild: 13814186704_2fa4cc67c2_o.jpg]
Car is really nice.Dash is great and rear lights looks nice.

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