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CT3 or newer maps problem
Well, I'm really looking forward for Your updates of Your research, I hope that this will put new life in WR 2 and Crash Time series games. Wink
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Weeks are gone....

(07.04.2014, 11:41)thecloser_ schrieb: Basic problem of kroms STKit is the reserved Size for the GEOs VTX. krom used (only) 16mb, this is not enough for CT3+

Meanwhile, I readed all BW/HN/DS Data for Scenery and the Problem is not the VTX (Enough Size), but kroms Limit of possible Objects in a Scenery.
Krom set the Limit to 10k, which is enough for BW-Autobahn and BW-Stadt (9.972 Objects), but in HN and DS, there are much more Objects in a Scenery (just to compare: DS-Stadt: 21.009!). This is why BW-Sceneries can be displayed - and HN and DS not.
Also, there is some new stuff in QAD File, something with "LocID_explo". (~160 in Scenery).

If somebody knows what those IDs are Standing for, I'm welcome for any tips.

Well, You can try to contact Krom or Synetic, I guess they will help You. Smile
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I wrote my tool with parts of kroms STKit code Wink He has already helped me with some stuff, but he has no Idea what this can be.

Synetic doesn't support Modding or questions to Files since they entered in new industrial directions.
This can be connected with trains or traffic lights (I mean those with red, orange and green lights) there are simple traffic rules in CT3 with working traffic lights. I didn't found any separate file for them.
Maybe that is the way?
PS: In older Crash time series, BW, CT1, CT2 there aren't working traffic lights. So If You found the same stuff in their maps then mine theory is wrong Wink
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The traffic light is stored in a big Trigger-Script, called Ampeln.trg (in DS). Same proecdure with the Train lights, they are save in Bahnuebergaenge.trg. (if available). Sometime both is stored in one file, but it is defenitely a Triggerscript (*.trg).

Proof: A Triggerscript is only being activated when a Special object (e.g. a Train) enters a predefined area. If a Train enters the area of a Train Light, the Light will become red.

I attached a Screenshot with all Data assigned to a "Loc ID", maybe this can help

[Bild: geotool4qydm.jpg]
I'm almost 100% sure that this ID are for the camera explosion. It shows up when You hit traffic cars, enemy or crash into something. It's something like Instant replay from WR2 but this one works a little bit different.
Explanation: When you drive at high speed and hit traffic car, it will explode and then your game will automatically switch into that camera mode, shows your spectacular crash. in this short movie You can get better example, of what I'm talking about. I'm not author of this movie Wink
EDIT: Even better example:
[Bild: mnHbKcd.jpg]
Really looking forward to this thread. Smile
STKit improvements would be really helpful!
@TheCloser: You are doing good. Wish you good luck with the decoding! Smile
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:

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