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[WR2|CON|REL] Addon Scenery - Stadt
First bugfix is ready. It includes fixed gassattion texture and most important - complete traffic Smile
Simply download and unpack over Stadt Beta.

BetaFix1 can be downloaded from my site - link (please do not mirror, it's only 755kb Big Grin)
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
How a Szenario can be so Thumbs Up Thumbs Up? Shocked
The updated traffic works perfect, everything looks great, what is here the BETA? It is soooo Thumbs Up. What you'll fix?

One thing i miss: it woud be interesting, when you can drive as example from "stadt" to "nevada" or from "nevada" to "alps" or like that.
That is the thing that I miss. But your scenario is great!!!
[Bild: 15293_Dr_-House_005_2560x1600_30030.jpg]
Direction arrows are not done yet, LS134 said he will do them and he already released a patch with first 3 tracks with arows. Check his TSS site forum.
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
You're so nice! It's a fantastic work and I hope that you will always make those Citys for WR2!
Ask Synetic to make more cities and WR2s - that's their work in first place Smile
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
es hat sich erledigt xD ich hab mich vertan

i had done a mistake, sorry

Krom, your scenery converting is great! i love it Smile
Liebe Grüße,
hamster bobby
Great bugfix Kromster! Traffic is fully working, and looks fabulous. Top notch work as usual mate. Smile
ich hab da ein Problem, wie installiert man den traffic patch? ich habe alles in die richtigen ordner gepackt, das gleiche problem habe ich bei jedem traffic mod/patch(alpen, australien und PolnischRoads).
How to install the traffic patch? i have read the "readme" and have all folders put to the right folders but it doesn`t work. The same problem by alps, austalia and polnisch roads.
please help.
What exactly doesn't work?
Without a description of your problem we can't help. Wink
For the traffic updates you normally just have to copy the files, as you said you did, and load the game.
The traffic doesn't need any special steps for a correct installation afterwards.
But make sure you have activated traffic in WR2 in the menu ingame!

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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Ich hab alles so installiert wie es in der/den readme`s steht.
aber wenn ich die stadt-map starte hat sich nichts verändert.
I have all install but it doesn`t work nothings have change.
I unpack "Traffic" to Program Files/Playlogic/Worldracing2/
and overwrite the old files done.
and the same with scenarios. BUT it doesn`t change something in game. What
the same problem by polnischroads I unpack the str. files to Playlogic/Worldracing2/Traffic/streets but it doesn`t change in game. the traffic in game is at the other maps normal.What

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