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Mixing addon cars in races
I have a question. Every time I try and mix addon cars in races it usually doesn't work, but instead I get the same cars as I'm using in the race. How do I fix this? What Thanks in regard.

PS: Completely offtopic but I'm new here Tongue
The Race Class must be the same.
The Score to Open must have close values. Not sure about how close is needed.

That's all.Wink
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What do you mean with Score to Open? Don't understand.
I do on the other hand kinda have a clue about Race Score (from WR2 Manager) - I presume it's the score that a car must have to race other cars with a similar score or something similar like that? That's atleast what I think...
I tried to explain there (post 8)

The formula to calculate score to open is 10000 - laptime.

Example the AI made 1:23.46 = 8346 (1min = 6000 + 2346) so 10000 - 8346 = 1654 so his opponent will be between 1604 and 1704 (± 50) only if use same race class

Hope wrote no mistake I rarelly do it.
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Yup now I have definitely solved the problem. Cool
Thank you adamraga for linking me to that thread and therefore that MenuClassChanger thing. Now I can race cars that I consider would be able to race with me, like for example Ferrari F12 vs. Aventador Big Grin
You must open the file with the Editcar program ( )
If it is blocked and you don't have the password to open it you can use the Menu Class Changer program (very useful) ( )

To install both programs just uncompress them to the WR2 directory (the Editcar program doesn't need to be on the WR2 directory, but it's better).

Hope to be helping.

I didn't see you solved your problem before. Big Grin
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Hmm suddenly it doesn't work anymore Facepalm
Trying to combine a Porsche 930 with a Nissan 370Z with the same race class and even the same score to open as well (all edited via MCC) but apparently they won't race each other. Anyone know how to solve this? What
Wenn du zu viel Autos in einer Klasse hast, kann es sein das nicht die gewünschten Autos für das Rennen vom PC ausgesucht werden.
Wenn du unbedingt den Porsche gegen den Nissan fahren lassen willst, nimm beide in eine neue eigne Menü und Race Klasse.
Man kann es später ja per MCC jeder Zeit wieder ändern.
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Pischti: Ok, that's interesting What Will try that later...

EDIT: Tried, still doesn't work...
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